Recent vids of Me Playing on Kaillera

Comments/criticism/tips/etc. welcome!

I don’t think your opponent knew much about fighting necro but other than that, good job.

I agree with DaemoN_. Nice jon. Personally, I prefer SA1 if only because I can’t deal enough damage quickly to stun with SAIII and also because SA1 comes out so fast.

And this is off topic but how did you record your games? I can’t find the answer (though I haven’t looked around these forums yet) but I think recording and watching my own games would help me improve a lot.

Make sure u have an inp folder in ur Mame directory first. In the main mame screen you go to Options -> Kaillera Client Options and click Kaillera record input. Play a game and leave. If it crashes it wont save usually btw.

Then in main mame window, go to file replay(inp) to AVI record pick the one that just recorded, and click ok. Name it and the mame window will open. Pick whatever video compression you want and wait for the game to open. Then press tab, Input(general), special controls and at the bottom, set a button for AVI Record. Press tab, then press the record button, and you’re done. If you want gaps in the video, stop and start again. It doesn’t make a new file though, so you’ll ahve to split the video yourself.


go to an arcade or play with someone who understands what block and dash do. its like these guys you played either crouched or would stick out unsafe attacks randomly.

i dont even think that ryu knows what a kara throw is.

BlaQ! We need to get some matches in, man!

That first video is hilarious cause I’m pretty sure I know exactly who that is