Recent viral video of girl group Gfriend falling on rainy stage


The video almost has 2 million views and is of a new Korean girl group named Gfriend who did a performance to their new song “Me Gusta” that fell on stage multiple times (mainly the groups power vocalist named Yuju) . The video recently was posted and has been on many news outlets.

G-Friend’s fall worried countless fans.

"The girls were at the ‘Inje SBS Radio Public Broadcast’ performing their song “Me Gustas Tu”. Almost right from the beginning, SinB suffers a pretty bad fall but gets up immediately and smiles throughout the stage. Yuju goes through three horrible falls, but also gets up immediately and while she winces at first, puts on a bright smile for the rest of the performances

Because of the rain, the stage was slippery for the girls. The condition of the stage and the frequent slipping from the girls worried everyone who was watching, fans or not, calling for a change in how rainy stages are held.

What do you think? Check out the clip above."

Here is the songs MV

I feel so bad for them and hope they weren’t to hurt, especially Yuju. But even with that the video has not only gone viral but they are admired for their professionalism and are also looked at as role models for not giving up.

credit: allkpop & Time


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