Recent volkan bideo of girl group gfriend fighting on bison stage



I’m fucking done lmaoooo

I’m glad I checked SRK this week.

…Fuck it I’m votin. Was not disappoint in the slightest.




Ha ha ha ha! OMG. This is hilarious.

So, who will win? Gogeta or Vegito?

I’m crying, someone hand me a tissue

“Why fear when my one frame of invincibility at the end of EX scissor-kick is here?”

-Bipson, pre-USF4.

Turned btier into asstier.

i think that settles it. hax is a comedic genius.

Aye, pimpin’, you got the link for the vid?

Hax and Btier are like those Japanese comedian-duos you see in amines and videos game. Except, they’re both bat shit insane lunatics, going against the formula of The Dumbass & The Voice of Reason.

Their stage name: The Nip and The Flip.

I wish I was a video Editing genius

To get B-tier Bison into Dong Dong Never die 2: Super Turbo vs. Jackie chan’s Fist of Fury

Hahaha this thread deserve more love, so, bump.

HAX still ranks as the best poster ever and GDLK in mafia.

this is why i exist

I don’t understand this thread.

I never understand wtfakuma’s posts. I just assume I don’t know some inside joke that all of GD knows.

Theres no inside joke its pretty obvioud