Recently started playing this


much harder to learn than mvc1. I normally play ST so this is really different but it’s fun. I’m playing clockw0rk and losing a lot and using megaman/cable/sentinel some.


I can’t stand ClockW0rk, goddamn team be having so much projectiles going all over the place! You’re constantly blocking and running away. Once Strider or Doom is done isn’t so bad.


yeah someone told me that it’s the worst team to learn the game with. it’s pretty hard to do the trap consistently and get in with strider and once he dies i’m done.


fuck strider doom learn cable sent commando


yeah people keep telling me that. it was the first team i played and it was definitely way easier i just really like strider from marvel 1 (played striderine in that like everyone else.) sometimes i seriously consider switching back


It was a easy team to play with cause its a keep away team and deals a shit load of damage.

As far as playing with Strider, go ahead and hit the lab and learn his strategy. I mean, it’s just a game, who cares what anyone says about your team.