Reckless Robots

Hi all, over the past year or so, I’ve been working on a 2D fighter in my free time. My favorite fighting game series have always been Smash and DoA, so the fighter I made was inspired by those. I’d love to get some feedback on it from FG fans.

Code named Reckless Robots, it was built from the ground up in XNA. It has projectiles, grabs, counters, launchers, and super moves. There are currently 3 playable characters and online support. Although, I’ve only tested networked games over LAN and don’t have a delay box to simulate the internet, so I hope it works in the real world. Online games require ports 35768 + 35769 to be open.

The game supports 2 player local multiplayer with 360 controllers or 1 player vs the AI with a 360 controller or keyboard.

D-Pad/Joystick - movement
A - jump
B - kick
X - block
Y - punch
RB - grab

WASD - movement
J - punch
K - kick
L - block
I - throw
Space - jump

Super = Punch+Kick
A counter can be performed with back+block.
A grab can be teched out of by grabbing .
Falls can be teched with jump. Players can tech roll with jump+direction.
When a player is on his back, he can attack while getting up with kick.

Here is a low quality video of me vs the AI.
download link: v2

dude if you even did half of that on your own, thats amazing :smiley:

Hey, not too shabby for a first project. Keep it up!

Why is there a jump button, and not just ‘up’?

I’m not a fan of up to jump so I made it a button. On a 360 controller jump is A. On the keyboard, jump is space.

Gotta ask, what does ‘up’ do then? just for special inputs?

I’d love to give this a shot, but I’m afraid that my computer won’t run it. The graphics card isn’t very powerful and XNA hates it :/.

It looks pretty cool so far; I love the sprites in the video. Do you have any plans to release this on Xbox, or is it just for PC.

Unregistered Hypercombo!

Separate jump button is unintuitive for 2D fighting games.

Up is just used for up attacks. Like Up+Punch or Up+Kick.

That stinks. It’s not that demanding since it’s just 2D images, so I thought it’d be playable on pretty much everything, especially since I am currently limiting the game to a low res (1280x768). I’m currently planning to only release it for PC.

I can see that for some, but not others. For me, using up to jump over fireballs and other projectiles feels very awkward. I do plan to work on adding customizable controls though.

If you’ve played any form of fighting game, then it comes more naturally. Stick for movements, buttons for attacks.

P.S. Back to block. Because I personally love cross-ups.

Smash Bros. controls.