Recognition and creating content for all fighting games?


I was curious as to why there have not been any content posted on the main site or completed articles on the wiki for certain fighting games. I believe that to be the ultimate source for fighting game material and information would be to group all fighting games made as well as document them well by means of specials and many other things. Although the newest games are important and should make headlines and the first tabs I don’t think there is anything wrong by adding sub tabs to certain games that were not even competitive but still are fighting games. For example arcana hearts, battle fantasia, samurai showdown sen, bleach(wii fighter), chaos code, aquapazza and many others that lack recognition and some that are still fairly modern and on this generation of console. Why are these games not shown.


Well, for one thing, the initiative for creating the wiki articles comes from the players. The mods/admins of the wiki won’t create wiki pages for fighting games that no one will write in. If you want a game to appear on the wiki, you have to message them that you are willing to take the time and effort to create the entire thing from scratch, and see to it that you actually do. You might not even be granted the opportunity if you’re just one person because making wiki entries is more of a concerted effort than a one-man job.

So basically, it doesn’t just go: wiki page gets created, people write in them. The first step comes from the players, so it goes more like: people say they want to write about a game, wiki page gets created for those people, those people write in them.


Because those games you mentioned don’t have followings and/or competitive scenes as big/active as those of the games that we do feature on the front page.


You need people who really want to do that work. Most non-commercial wikis are written by a ton of people. It’s easy enough to want something to exist, but finding the people to actually do the work is typically the problem.


What’s there to disagree on. The larger or more active the scene, the more content gets pushed out, especially since, at least for the front page, we do rely alot on content created for the community.


You only need a few good people to make a huge difference net. Might not really help the game much, but helps the few that might be interested in the future. :\


SRK will never be everything for all fighting games… some of the games you mentioned have good wikis here:


I can’t imagine there being any demand for a Samurai Shodown Sen wiki. The game was dead on arrival.


But then you go and create one because you believe, and then other people start learning the game too and your efforts have made something excellent happen.