Recognizing players who rarely get an honorable mention

i just figured i would make a thread to talk about players, or at least mention their names, who either have contributed a lot to the community, or are very good players that seem to not make the list of people to mention in forums.

from annapolis maryland, there were two players i remember vividly from the days of tekken 2 on up. they are ted, and glen. i remember watching these guys go at it all the way up through tekken tag, in which after that i kinda was not at the arcade anymore. glen to my knowledge was a tekken 3 national champ, and was mentioned in one of the video game magazines back then. i cant confirm that, but i remember hearing it a few times. he is an avid king player, and the best part of watching him play back then was the shit talk.

ted was also good, and he pretty much played everything to my knowledge. him and glen would go back and forth for hours on tekken. i would see him on cvs2, tekken, mvc, mvc2, and he was nice on all of them. i didnt even know he played mvc2 back in the day, and i remember he destroyed my soul back in like 03, and i was like, i didnt know you could play this game like that. lol

a few more names within the circle of players i played tekken with in maryland.

there is rugal b, i know you might have seen dudes name in top five at least, on a few tournaments, when it came to cvs2. he is called the coach, and to my understanding, was a good and respected tekken 4 player also. (and other tekkens as well). i have seen him go at it in cvs2 with wong, and its pretty much an even match when it came to skill. overall, dude is nice at the 2d games, and i remember plenty of nights of him just layin the beat down on everyone when we would gather up to play tekken.

steve h. you probably seen dudes name right up there with rugal in a few tournaments. i remember first seeing dude playin svc vs some random mexicans at annapolis mall, and i was shocked that anyone could even play that game that way. this was around when dr came out, and i dont think he was much of a tekken player. so anyways, granted i was ignorant to svc anyways, but out of the few times i put quarters in just to waste time, it felt like trash, not to mention the sticks sucked, but this guy was goin in when i saw him, and i was shocked. you see his name when it comes to cvs2, kof98 (he took first at some tournament not to long ago), gg, etc… dude is nice at the 2d games period, and has had his matches with top players, and has held his real good, even doin work on a couple, to my knowledge.

paik. i know him as the stick maker of maryland. last time i saw dude was when dr first dropped on ps3, and we were having gatherings, and one was at his house. dont know to much about his gameplay outside of tekken, but i have seen dude play, and do work, for real. i always had the opinion, that if he were to ever sit down and really go in at tekken, he would be demolishing cats. but to my knowledge, he plays casual, and he was not taking tekken that seriously as of dr, but again, i last saw dude in 07. yall probably catch him in the tech forums.

grimey grizzly. first saw dude at paiks gathering in 07, and his kuma was fucking confusing. i was like, who the fuck plays kuma like this. he was doing work that night, so its no shocker that he did so well over the past couple years in tekken, and did work. good shit

ling panda. i have only seen him play a couple times on tekken 5 and dr, and was a blast to see a panda player, and a good panda player. this was before i saw grimey. come to find out he was a part of that old school tekken squad, and is a very well respected player, who has put in work for real. dont know if he play anymore.

damon. og tekken tag player. played with dude plenty of times at gatherings, and he was always one of the ones on that winning streak tip, doin work with hei. no slouch at all when it comes to the sticks. dont know if he still playin as much.

da law. good tekken player also. i know in at least 07, you was seeing his name in top ten in a few tournaments, and he did well in evo east 2k7. another tekken player that would do serious streaks on bammas at our gatherings.

to wrap up the post, and not because i consider these people any less, because they are also very good players.
danny duh=solid dj player. dont know how often he is on the sticks nowadays though. he would streak cats too.
turkeasy=you know the name. dude is hilarious, and very good. plays wang and nina mostly. dude does work.
basic paul=he plays paul, and it hurts.
grimm=solid player. mostly played steve when i saw him play.
capoeira hustla=good christie and ling player. very underrated. he would be puttin in work for real. from the first time i saw him, until the last time i played with him, he also stepped his game up a lot i felt.

thats about all i can think of personally right now. this is just a thread to shout out good but maybe slightly unknown players, who i feel like, in the midst of the usual names being dropped around here, they deserve an honorable mention for contributions to the scene, and or just personal accomplishments and skill.

canada = nagata lock

Everybody in Louisiana.

J360 in MvC2

Kanu, MvC2 low-tier player in japan. That fellow never gets enough respect.


Flare of 3S fame.

mr quotes flare therapist iloveu are all really under appreciated ec 3s players.

Shiro_420, western Canada

That guy puts so much into the community. He keeps his entire city’s scene united, alive, and active, and he’s one of the only people in this half of the country who runs tournaments for any fighting game other than Smash. He also plays X-Men like the Devil’s in him.

Very inspiring player. I love this guy.

mike ross

he placed 33rd at a recent sf4 tourney

SSBM players PC, KDJ, Neo, e.t.c… Yall need to stop hating on this game

Murakomo who is a dedicated Dhalsim player in MVC2. Seems to be very good, not sure if he still plays.

Ditto regarding Kanu, the guy is stick with his Dhalsim/Hulk/Bison team

Nuboyouki, like most Japanese player, is never really recongnized. And while he may not be THAT good, he is the most creative player I’ve seen play Marvel.

Sharon who plays Baiken.  Baiken is not a popular character, so naturally him as a Baiken specialist never get much recongnition.  However he did make it to the finals in SBO 05 I think for #reload.

Kyofe.  Don't hear much about him, but he play Dhalsim very well.  He was in a recent SFIV a-cho video, but he had previously used A-Dhalsim in SFA3.

I beleive Sanford is underrated as far as CVS2 is concerned.

The GA scene is underrated. I beleive our top players can go toe to toe with anyone in the country, but it’s a shame they are nationally known.

I Love U (aka L.I. Joe)

Damdai (created

Of course, Shock and Dreemer, for the MK community and making the most important site in the MK community,

Lex for all his wisdom and info and helping getting to where it is.

dedMK for all his contributions to the world of MK

Hanzo, RZP and the rest of team MKK. (8 hatchets? jajajajaja)

who in NY doesnt know Joeiloveu? didnt he come in 2nd at a SF4 CF tourney

Smash is garbage and not consider a traditional fighting game. Hope that answers your question

exactly its not traditional. its tech as fuck

any game can be tech, still dont change the fact alot of hardcore fg heads find it boring and not interesting.

my 2 cents, smash isn’t even in the top 10 of being a tech game. my 2 cents

I’m GA, man; wish we could meet up for some sessions. There’s a tourney meeting down in Atlanta in May, I’m trying my darnest to get down there.

But I think the real problem is that most GA players are too far away from each other/fragmented and that prevents us from making a really big or recognizable scene over here. For instance, the best GGXX player near me (Baiken, Testament) lives nearly 40 minutes away. :shake:

If this post was necessary, than the game probably is shit.