Recognizing players who rarely get an honorable mention

Nagata Lock 2 from GTASF. Why? Just read the Canadian section you’ll find out and P-chronic

everyone in savannah, GA that has been around since ST was in the arcades learning to beast on broken sticks, but never get to travel because they spend all their money on weed.

I respect your opinion at least you explain unlike others who drop a bomb then bounce. The fact is that people don’t play it because its unorthodox but still amazing. Mind you i’m talking about Melee not Brawl Evo destroyed that shit. Some of those that talk don’t even know the half. May I ask you why you don’t like it? Is it because you know alot of casuals that play? I’m wondering if you know the limitations of Smash. There is so much shit someone can pull off that if you don’t them, and still talk the way you do its like putting the death pentalty upon a newborn

btw you guys didnt put up your unrecognized players

youtube Wombo Combo I’m done .:silenced:.

Murakumo is the best Dhalsim player in MVC2 I have ever seen in person. He was doing that shit before I even saw the DVD tutorial.

I give Melee the respect, but not that abomination of a game called Brawl.

Thank you! I feel like an Ethiopian getting a bowl of rice X]

The fact that you even consider both games being equal shows that you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

the genocide God make it stop! :sad:

I don’t mean to be an asshole but I think your being too generic

So, because I and my fellow smashers (millions, btw) like the game (defending Melee only), my opinion is automatically incorrect? But because you and your friends don’t like it, yours is?

Anyway, I wasn’t arguing with your opinion of the series, just the fact that any competent competitive player of any sort who spent 5 mins. with both games would realize the vast superiority of one to the other. When you grouped both as being equal, or in your case, shit, it only shows that, again, you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.

People, could you do this somewhere else? The original poster’s intent was to celebrate lesser known players and discuss over that. Let’s not turn this into another Hate/Like Smash argument…:wasted:

John Choi

maddy; ridiculous vf player and probably the most naturally talented player I know as well as the nicest person I’ve ever met. I probably wouldn’t be anywhere close to as good as I am at any game if it weren’t for this dude!


actually i’m not even sure if he plays ( i havent seen videos of him )

but he uploads some ridiculous number of 3S matches

word, I subscribed:woot:

Yo Psychorarity for those tourney vids, I watch his youtube all the time for match vids

what, here? because last time i checked, they’ve got an entire community that nut their shorts any time any one of those guys posts.

unrated edition

Man, I remember back in the day with Last Blade 2, a few guys I’d like to mention…

Kyokuji - A beast with Power mode, he taught me that linking was the fucking shit and that I whored up the parry button too much. xD

Bobo Da Homo - This motherfucker was really gay and got drunk but trash talking was so much fun with him

And a shout out to the whole Last Blade 2 scene back in the anti3d and godweapon servers, you guys are the bomb!


Thx bro!

Plz no more…lol Yes here as soon as someone mentions it everyone jumps them like a pussy in prison why can’t people get along. What happens to people like me who plays anything? I swear peepz in SRK shit on SSB more than EX and thats a damn shame