Recomdations for MacBook

My daughter is getting into graphic arts/design and wants a Mac. She will be using Adobe software products for most of her work. I am asking all the art experts here what would be a good set of specs and model for the MacBook.


I’m not too sure about the new ultraportable Macbook Air,
but last Christmas I had bought the 15.4 inch Macbook (not pro) for my girl.
She absolutely loves it.
The Macbook Pro however, provides you with a 17’’ screen and a 128mb video card. But doing graphic design isn’t that demanding video wise, so I think you’ll be fine with the Macbook.

I don’t really see any sense in getting the Pro besides watching dvds, so The Macbook is by far the best.

Thanks p91, anybody else have some input?

Need that RAM!

[Do MAC’s use RAM? :lost: I only use PC. :(]

But yeah, RAM will help with Imaging Programs, also need a good amount of harddrive space for saving projects [though I did quite well with my old 19.5gB hdd on my old computer. :)].

The regular macbooks or the air will surely be sufficient, but if I had the extra
money I would allways go for a pro.

One more thing to note is that the macbooks though being slightly smaller than
the pro models. They actually weight about the same so if you’re thinking portability
the air is the only one that really makes a difference.

If you’re gonna get the air. Don’t buy with solid state disks. If you really think you want
a solid state disk then you can buy that extra disk and replace it yourself for less than
it cost to get the air delivered with one allready inserted.

A whole lot of blah, when I probably should have just written. I would always prefer the Pro model
over the other ones :S

All the products that Apple currently offers will run the software that you need it to run. The only major differences are form factor and speed.

Go to the mac store and pick up a few and see which ones suit your daughter.

The best bang for the buck in apple laptops right now is the 13 inch 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo Macbook w/ 20 inch Dell display.