Recomend me similar music, or ill rape your cat


Im starting to like a bunch of sissified electroish stuff.
Ive gone questing and found a few things, word of mouth is a great source of finding new stuff, if youre brave enough plz recommend me some.

Here are some examples-
(I prolly know of other songs by the artists mentioned… but feel free to recomend)
(though I might still touch your cat inappropriately)

The Bravery : Hatefuck
Gorillaz : Rhinestone Eyes
La Roux : Bulletproof
MGMT : Electric Feel
Ratatat : Mirando
Metric : Dead Disco
Justice : Genesis
[media=youtube]ThKNt-GY1ww[/media] (not sissy)
Crystal Castles : Crimewave

If I dont like your recommendations, I will rape your cat.



[media=youtube]HIYO27pT9bI[/media] (one of my favorite songs)

Instrumental music FTW:tup: Ratatat’s shit all sounds the same to me but I like their sound and the 2 beats they did for Kid Cudi were great.


Well, considering I do not have a cat…



and finally




Im touching your cat a little inappropriately.

Im gettin a cat from the pound and viciously raping it before putting it under your bed and wiping my bloody dick on your pillow.


:rofl: Just because of those nice words you get this.



Have a nice day! :tup:


Here’s a few I like. Not sure if they’re the sound you’re looking for though.

Really if you like the vocals in this check out Dragonette. Here I’ll link you one.


Here’s another remix by Fred Falke, different singer.
Some of her original stuff is pretty nice even without being remixed imo.

Kinda catchy, might be oldish though.

Nice but a little slow.


Well, I gave it a shot. shrug



just dl all the kitsune compilations


Check out these beats motherfucker.



I’m goin in for the kill! And doin it for the thrilllllllllll!!!