Recommend a fightstick?


I’m currently playing with a Xbox 360 controller (D-pad) and I want to look into a fight-stick so I can improve my execution (Especially with Sagat). I can’t really afford a Tournament Edition one, so what’s a decent fight-stick that doesn’t really kill your wallet?


Read the stickies:


Wow how did I miss that.


I started off with a Hori FS3. You can find them on ebay for about $35.


To be honest any fightstick you buy under that of a TE you will end up replacing parts and costing just as much. you are better off saving and getting something proven to work well like a Hori VX SA or a Madcatz TE.


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Exactly the reason i bought the TE 1st.


Well he did mention that he didn’t want to break his wallet. That’s the only reason I recommended FS3. Other than that its a good starter stick.


IMO The FS3 isnt bad and i can understand if he wanted/needed the stick ASAP. If hes willing to wait it out and save up id recommend the TE.


buy a used TE. honestly with the price drops on those things lately it doesnt make sense to buy a 50-70 dollar stick because youll need new parts to upgrade it and by then you might as well have bought a te, new or used.

i just bought two TE’s for 157 brand new. theres a million different deals going on now, look at for example, they have coupon codes floating all over the internet in addition to the sale price as well.