Recommend a good finance/financial planning forum


As the title states, I’m looking for the “Shoryuken” of finance forums. A vast, seasoned, quality forum for financial discussions. All recommendations are welcome.


“Somebody’s gonna lotto…”


Well if you’re talking about how to make sure your bills are paid and you balance your spending well enough to save for retirement a simple google will help. If you’re talking about investment then I will tell you ahead of time that nobody is going to give you that kind of information honestly and free.


When I had to do a project about getting into financial planning, I found The Motley Foolto be a pretty informative site. They do have forums there, but they seem pretty unorganized.

I am not any kind of expert in the world of finances, so I am not sure how useful this truly is. I, too, would like more resources on this subject.


It seem that i can’t help you but in Finland country i know some kirjanpito or accounting that giving a financial management advice and also doing some financial planning.In fact in part of Helsinki they are the leading company on providing financial management service.