Recommend a good movie/book/fanfic/comic to learn more about the SF/TK storylines

I know there are some bad movies out there for both SF and TK - but I’d like to find some good sources to delve into both worlds. The Mortal Kombat story mode really increased my appreciation for the game, and there is a tremendously entertaining fanfic for Super Smash Bros. Melee called “One Last Smash”

I don’t really know much of anything about Tekken; Is Blood Vengence a good place to start? And Street Fighter?

Would love to read some of the SFxT specific fanfics that are out there, but most of them assume you know a thing or two about the characters.

For SFxT you can watch some of the cinematic trailers that Capcom released for the game here:

There are also SFxT episodes that were released during the Vita release of the game, but afaik they aren’t finished yet and probably won’t be. These episodes detail most of the important aspects of the story/the story of the DLC characters:

I actually found the SFxT Vita series to be pretty cool. It’s sad that it seems discontinued.

Also, as far as I know, there are like 2 Street Fighter II animated movies, a Street Fighter Alpha animated movie, and 2 Street Fighter IV animated movies, most of which you can find on YouTube. There is also a live action movie I think.

To be honest, the Street Fighter and Tekken wikis are all you need whenever you would like to know more about a specific character. Those wikis combine facts from all the games’ stories and the canon movies.

UDON has comics about Street Fighter. They’re pretty good!

There is a live action short film for SFxT, but I think this was made before the Pandora plot as it’s more about interests in obtaining the Killing Urge/Devil Gene. The Ken here is Reuben Langdon, his English VA. Aside from Ryu’s race lift, this is a good fan film.

Satsui no Hadou/Devil Gene plot would have been good, but it will demote 90% of the cast into extra status as only the Shotos/Shadaloo/Mishima are involved in the MacGuffins.

nice. any opinions here on Blood Vengeance?

That atrocity never happened, we do not speak of it. :3

That movie is an atrocity? Based on the trailers it’s much more faithful compared to the live action movie.

I was thinking the same thing!

If that was an atrocity, then what would you call Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li? :smiley:

Character genocide.

Plothole saving Panda saves the day… trice.

Blood Vengance is an abomination and on the level of Legend of Chun Li.

The best thing is SF II The animatied movie. Shit is very good.

That movie is good, but it could have been better if 5 minutes was not wasted into that “4 devas walking to the throne room” scene. I see that as a waste of time.

“Any that can kick the crap out of Sagat is a man I want found!”