Recommend a SSF4:AE character?

Hey all!

I bought SSF4:AE today after playing MK9 and MvC3 (only for a couple of weeks though, so im not amazing)
I liked the mobility of ibuki, so I was going to main as her. But can anybody recommend me a secondary character? I was looking at Dudley, but apparently a lot of people use Yun, so now I just don’t know… :confused:

Thanks all!

There’s nothing wrong with using Dudley even if a lot of people were using Yun.

A lot of people used Ryu in the last two games but the results of a lot of tournament winners were a mixed bag.

If you like Dudley play him…he’s a good character. There isn’t much people playing Yun on PS3…I dont know about 360.

think outside of your choices box…pick Oni!

Lol im surprise it’s more of him on PSN than Yun. Every endless battle I play I face a Oni…

Like if the world needs more Yuns.

Those two characters (Ibuki + Dudley) are both (imo) intermediate start out characters.

Nah, it’s not bad, only every 3-5 people you play, atleast, on XBL.Sarcasm

Dudley hands down, you don’t want anyone talking down on you, too many QQ’s for Yun right now, and we don’t need anymore, especialy if you play XBL.
But my starter is gonna be Dudley, pretty awesome.

I started with Dudley but hit a wall-- it’s just too hard to get in. I main Cody now.

That said, he’s really fun to play. Keep 'em guessing and keep it classy.

dudley is an awesome character and i wish i could play him well but if you intend to do well with him be prepared to put in a lot of time because he is pretty hard to start out with, also don’t start thinking about secondary characters until you have your main down

I don’t really feel like Ibuki is an ‘intermediate start out character;’ you have to learn jump canceling, her target combos, and her vortex strategy, plus she had ‘girl health’ so you can’t make many mistakes. That’s not to say new players shouldn’t pick her up, but you are definitely going to need to put in some time.

Choose someone you like to look/feel of. Although I’ve asked for advice before with regards to my play style etc, ultimately it’s down to you. If you’re wanting to pick up a fun second character Dudley is definitely fun to use, but that’s not to say no one else is either! The best thing to do is choose some characters you like the look of, and take them into training mode/trial mode to see how they play and if you enjoy them.