Recommend a x360 fight stick?

Hey all!

At the moment, I have to suffer playing MvC3 and MK9 using a controller.

Can anybody recommend a good xbox 360 fight stick? I have been looking at the SF4 tournament edition sticks, but quite frankly, I’m not that rich haha.

I have been looking at these so far:

And maybe this to tide me over for now:

Can anybody recommend/review any?

Please not, however, that I am in the UK and am reluctant to ship from the US, but will if it works out cheaper :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks all!

Have you checked Madcatz UK store? They have 2 different TE’s in stock (MVC3–8 left and SF4 Round 2–5 left). They are only 150 and i’m sure the shipping isn’t too bad since this is their UK store. 20-30 is what i expect the shipping costs to be. You might even be able to find yourself a promo/coupon code for even more savings!

First things first - friends don’t let friends buy the Hori Tekken wireless stick. And although you haven’t listed it, I struggled to get on with the Hori EX2.

There are alternatives, as listed in D’s thread (linked above); but take a good look at the Madcatz SE and brawl stick, HRAP SA series and as you’ve looked at, the TE series. £150 is the most you should pay for a TE - 2nd hand on ebay is about 90 at the mo.

Try getting a HRAP SE or TE off eBay.

If neither of those two options are viable, get a Brawlstick, they use decent clones and you can upgrade the parts later if you feel inclined.

HRAP SE is too rare to find man.

The EX-SEs?
I remember them being sold for like 70-80 dollars on Amazon a while ago. Damn.

You can try to get a WWE Brawl Stick and upgrade it later down the line if any parts fail.

If you are not going to get that or a TE or HRAP, Just don’t bother.

You typed HRAP SE.
That is the rare.
Only 400.


Please type what you really mean.
Since he wants Xbox 360 Arcade Stick, I wondered why you type PlayStation 2.

But yes, the HRAP EX SE were really cheap on Amazon.

Ah, my mistake.

that’s crazy, the TE-S is 200 pounds?! that like 320 USD…shit, if all the sticks are like that in the UK, B15’s are a bargain.

Amazon and amazon based sellers overprice sticks. Buying from MadCatz official UK store will save you money.

I’m gonna buy myself a first stick aswell and im from Europe so we have the same interests. I’m gonna go for WWE Brawlstick and mod the stick,buttons and artwork.

The Tekken sticks are as I’ve read awful quality and pain in the ass to mod aswell, so wouldn’t recommend that.

Use it!