Recommend me a DS flash cart

I’ll be picking up a DS here soon, and I know I want a flash cart, but I have no idea which one to get. I know the Cyclo DS Evolution is around $50 compared to other’s being around $30.

So, which cart has the best support for games, homebrew, web browser, emulation, everything. If any of them can run GBA, that’d be one serious perk, but I dont think any of them can, so I’ll need a card that supports separate GBA flash carts.

So, what’s the best to get?

Which is the most up to date version of R4? I was looking around on Amazon and saw several different versions of it.

acekard 2


M3 Real =)

CycloDS Evolution is the king of DS flash carts. They’re 35 dollars at DealExtreme now with free shipping. A new price low for such a good cart.

ITA, r4 doesn’t support sdhc and is a lil outdated
(I have an R4 since last year lol

i have to agree. it is compatible with majority of the games and runs real well. it is also very user friendly including the save state. =)

CycloDs is by far the best option IMO. Don’t know if your also hunting for a microSD card but if you want one that runs flawlessly with the CycloDs, here’s the link:

m3 =]

I have an m3 simply(same as R4 essentially), and has worked with every game i’ve tested. When it didnt, the new software was out in a few days and all was well.

Is there any flash cartridge that plays both DS and GBA games?

You need a EXFlash V Expansion to play GBA roms. I use a AceCard RPG that has 1GB built in with the EZFlash V Expansion. Best Flash card I ever owned.:woot:

The R4 was the best but the Cyclo DS has surpassed it in terms of functionality and support. No Slot 1 card will play GBA games. The EZ 3 in 1 is a great Slot 2 device that is inexpensive and will play GBA games as well as add ram for programs such as the brilliant NeoGeo emulator.

If you want the most out of your DS flash carting, a Cyclo DS + EZ 3in1 will serve you well. Visit for lots of info, too.

M3 DS Real will play GBA games (full compatibility too) if you plug in the GBA expansion pack that comes with it. No need for a slot-2 cart.

Uhhhh, that “expansion pack” IS a slot-2 cart. It just happens to be one with no external storage, and designed to work with a slot-1 device. The EZ 3in1 is better by far.

Overall I’d suggest a CycloDS Evolution + EZ 3in1 combo. The added cost of the CycloDS is worth it.

^ yeah gba temp has lots there, movies all that.

I have the M3 DS Simply which seems (form factor and software) almost exactly like the R4. The only game it hasn’t worked with lately is the new ds hulk game but I haven t upgraded the firmware and im sure the upgrade would fix that.

Well, I placed an order for a CycloDS Evolution and a elink 1GB GBA cart. I know the EZ3in1 would have been better for stashing in the DS, and I may still get one later, but the elink was the biggest GBA cart that would still in work GBA hardware (GBA, GBA SP, and GBA player attachment for my 'cube) so I got that. Down the road, I may get a 3in1 made for the DS lite, but that’s only if I end up really wanting rumble and the web browser ram.

The Acekard was my second choice; the built in RAM sounds awesome, and I’m all for open source projects. My main reasoning against it was uncertainty about the USB connector on it; Thats a ton of crap inside that little slot, and I’d want to see one in person before I paid for a cart slightly too large for the slot. Plus, CycloDS has a larger install base. If I had seen one in person and felt ok with the USB connector, I’d have gotten this one.

As for the oft mention R4, hell no.

'Well get a genuine one": and how the hell am I supposed to know a official one from a clone from a postage stamp sized picture on a foreign website? Hell no. This is simply maliciousness from the makers, for a product that doesn’t have the feature set of the CycloDS or Acekard. With the maliciousness of the creators, plus the lack of large miniSD card support (SCHD I think its called?) as downsides, there isn’t a single perk to an R4 over the CycloDS except maybe large user base.

When I bought my cart (almost 2 years ago) the CycloDS wasn’t out yet though I totally see your point. When you get it let us know what you think.

For slot-1 Acekard 2. GBA Ewin or EZ flash doesn’t matter.

Where did you order them from? I’m also in the market for another card.