Recommend me a fighter

So I’m looking for my next game to get into and wondering if you guys could tell me something I might like.

Games I own : Mvc2, XvSF, 3rd Strike, Tekken 5, Powerstone, Soul Caliber 2&3

I think my favorite would be Mvc2 and xvsf because of the super jump system, would game would you recommend that is good and similar to either of those 2 games?

Not a fan of T5 at all:rolleyes:

Well if you like different types of jumps then you may wanna consider KOF, but I know you know a few things about XVSF besides the jump system bc you post in the XVSF thread my friend…lol

there’s anyways guilty gear

I would say Guilty Gear but you hate that game.


use Jack-5

it doesn’t matter if you like the game or not

Guilty Gear. Especially if you like the retarded combos and super jumping you can do in the VS series.

War Gods

I second that…

Anyone who needs a good beverage coaster MUST own this game!

either mace, the dark ages, or last blade 2
choose wisely, one is garbage and one is great
and sk is right, as long as jack-5 is involved, it’s all gonna be ok

If you like 3rd Strike, pick up Garou / Fatal Fury: Mark Of The Wolves. Then check out the strats and watch the Howard Arena matches for high level comp in it

Those are the ONLY fighting games you own? LOL.Please tell me you have more…


Marvel SuperHeroes
Marvel SuperHeroes Vs StreetFighter
Marvel Vs Capcom 1

Street Fighter Alpha 1-3
Guilty Gear Series
Samurai Showdown 1-5

yah, garou isn’t a bad game i kind of liked it but i never got into it, maybe i will, and i guess i’ll try guilty gear out


KoF 98



and yes, SF EX+@3 (btw, fu all, dont make a comment)

I would look for stuff that you and your friends would want to play. And like dude said, if you are intersted in jumps check out KOF’s. You don’t own Capcom vs SNK2? If not you missed out. Also, maybe try to get a copy of World Heros Perfect so you can do Rasputan’s secret garden super when your hero meter is full. It’s down, diagonal, back, foward plus jab punch short kick. Make sure you have the volume up high… Hey, can anyone give a link to show him what i’m talking about?
Also, you don’t own Darkstalkers3? If not, you missed out, but it’s never too late!

Yeah. Yeah. KOF. Definitely, KOF.

since you already own Powerstone; maybe you could also give a go at Powerstone 2 ?

you might like it

^^Hmm but finding a copy is hard, i got a burner but i dont know how to burn iso’s or whatever they are

I would never recommend cvs2 to play with your friends. Shitty graphics, shitty presentation, shitty way to learn a 2D fighter. nevermind quarter rolls, but grooves?

Guilty gear all the way. If you have an iso for a DC game, alcohol 120% is the safest way, followed by Diskjuggler. Only use Nero if you’re desperate. I’d actually like to learn how to copy my games that i’ve “backed up” from one CD to another CD. Nero (cause my alochol trial expired) doesn’t like burning the bulk of the image.

Sorry but cvs2 is way fun casually.

Hit that button!

If you like games with that jump probably Guilty Gear.

I would still recommend CvS2 and or Garou MOTW