Recommend me a good DVD Recorder

Looking for a way to record footages.
I only have rather crappy laptop, its 120gig internal + 500gig xternal HD are only thing it has going right now. Thus, any form of hard mod is out of question, I can only get softmod. Recommend me a good DVD recorder under 250 bucks, and a DVD capture software please. My OS is fucked up; FRAPS is NOT an option(but if you know any other DirectX based recorder, let me know).

i just picked up this nice Samsung DVD recorder. Dude if you’re still in schofield, go to sears and check them out. They got some good deals on DVD recorders. It’s where I got mine.

Yeah, I’m still in the post, and since only 1/8 of my unit is going and rest of us will be rear D, there’s a good chace I’ll be stuck here for a long ass time. I had an eye on that Samsung in PX, matter of fact that was pretty much the reason I made the thread; I didn’t want to burn my ass getting a DVD-Recorder that lags or something.

PYE is nice

lots of options and stuff.

Kimino just bought one from me.