Recommend me a good fight pad

Note: Not a stick. I don’t have the money right now for it.

My Logitech’s D-Pad has officially bit the dust (doing Iori’s Rolling Punches is a nightmare to pull off) and I’m looking for a new pad. For now I’m eying the SF4 Pad, but I’ve read some information regarding the quality of Mad Catz’ controllers, and really don’t want to get another pad a few months down the road.

I’m open to all suggestions.

Fighters I’m currently playing:

KOF98, SSV SPECIAL (really need a new pad for this game, pulling off BC attacks and CD throws are almost impossible), Garou, SF3: 3rd Strike, and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Though, I may get back into MVC and try out Last Blade 2.

Saturn Pad Saturn Pad Saturn Pad Saturn Pad Saturn Pad Saturn Pad

Keep an eye on that new FightPad. It’s apparently not horrible.

sf IV fightpad is alright… pretty good… i got one on tuesday they’re being sold at best buy right now… id call to see if they had them first tho… and you can also use it on your pc

I’m going to have to pass on the Logitech Precision, I need 6 face buttons.

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I was wondering does anyone know if a controller like that would work on an xbox360???

oh wait scrap that question…I see it doesnt

^^^ I need a pad for 360 too, the d-pad on the 360 controller is horrible.

The fightpads aren’t that bad at all. I have 2 360s and 1 ps3(for pc) and theyve all been working great. Basically, if they don’t go bad within the first few uses, youre good to go.