Recommend me a good fighting game in MAME or fba

Other than all the popular fighting games like Street fighter, dark stalkers, kof, etc.
Im looking for a game that has gotten less attention.
Looking for a game with a good ‘mixture’ of characters, meaning specialised characters, one character specialising in speed, one in power, etc.
Also, I’m still looking for the name of that fighting game with a boss that looks like Zeus from World Heroes Perfect, except Zeus with not human colour, his whole sprite is like gold or something.

This topic is covered in this thread:

Cyberbots. Game is too hype

Samurai Shodown series; since fba supports it, 5 games are avialable for online play at . Overall serie has 11 main games starting from year 1993 with over 90 main characters total (not in one game but overall), and a couple of spin-offs. Essentially mixture of characters is very good, because each plays unique and there are differences in speed, size, defense, attack power, temper (how fast they rage), rage duration etc. Since I handle the community and have around 7 gb of this serie-related stuff on my hard drive, you can contact me via MSN if you want to learn some more info / look at the artwork / characters etc

Fighter’s History Dynamite.

By the way your new description sounds kinda like Neo-Dio.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

you’ll find the most creative and fantastic characters of any fighting game

Add Breakers Revenge to the other games recommended earlier.

And for some reason it makes me feel like I have 100% execution with stick (and Riot uses hadu, shoryu, halfcircle, back shoryu, shinkuu…), even though I clearly don’t in other games.