Recommend me a good scanner for artwork

So as title states, I’m looking for a good scanner to scan at least 11 X 14 sized artwork. A few searches on google brought up legal paper sized scanners and one gigantic 15,000 pixel (or something like that) sized scanner for $4,000+.

Also, are there larger personal scanners and how expensive do they get? I’m looking to spend $500 maybe a little more for a good quality scanner that’s a good size. In a perfect world, I could find a scanner that will scan 18 X 22 paper for roughly 5-600 bucks.

Most scanners (ie flatbed) are the A4/Letter size, then you go to A3, which can get expensive.

If it is just one or a few things you need to scan, you might be better off taking your stuff to a printing/photo place and get them to scan the items for you. It would definately work out cheaper.

Why do you need one so big anyways?

Well my artwork gets pretty big, usually on 18 X 22. I could probably settle for the legal sized scanner and scan in a 8 X 11 at much larger without the quality compromised?

Here’s an idea (not sure if this is what you meant), even though the picture is bigger than what can be scanned, just scan it in parts and then join them together using photoshop or a similar program.

It’s a little more fiddling, but it should work out just as good.