Recommend Me A Marvel Mix

I need a custom Marvel mix. This smooth jazz crap isn’t cutting it for me.

Airship -
Desert -
Factory -
Carnival -
Swamp -
Cave -
Clock Tower -
River -
Abyss -

Dude the samurai champloo albums get them and use them.

qft :tup:

Greatest reccomendation I’ve heard so far :tup:

I don’t think this thread needs to go any further. I’m gonna go get the Samurai Champloo OSTs right now! I don’t know why it didn’t dawn on me to put Nujabes and Fat Jon on a copy of Marvel. I fail. :lol:


I love Nujabes’ work on the Samurai Champloo music, but it’s too slow and mellow for a game like Marvel. I use Strider/Doom with either Akuma, Psylocke, Cyke, or Spiral, so I need some more fast paces stuff.

But at least you guys have good taste.

tsutchie’s samurai champloo albums have some good music for marvel…

Only Fast Paced samurai champloo songs i know is either “sneak chamber” and " Nightshift"

BUMP Fellers.

Need some good music, don’t care what genre. Hip-Hop, techno, whatever…

Search torrent sites for ‘TDC Final’ specifically v2.

Puzzle Fighter music strangely works well for Marvel. :slight_smile:

It’s 522 MB.

What exactly is it?

If there’s no description, then download the readme.txt.

get the dj_ouro remix

Whoomp There it is by Tag Team is literally, LITERALLY, the greatest possible song to use for the MvC2 intro.

Classical music works surprisingly well. The climaxes of say O Fortuna or From the New World happening while, say, Cable is killing two characters is just way too over the top.

AirShip - ?
Desert - Sneak Chamber
Factory - Burly Brawl
Carnival - ?
Swamp - Dual of Fates
Cave - ?
Clock Tower - Spider man vs Doc. Octopus from Spiderman 2 song
River - SandStorm or Feel the Beat by Darude
Abyss - Doesn’t matter because you never get it on Random

Check out D.hyo’s track from Nec6

Demon Hyo’s mvc2 songlist
Select Screen: 3RD Strike character select
Capcom Logo: Magneto from X-men Evolution
Intro: Street Fighter V
Menu: Linkin Park- Step Up
Pirate Ship Stage: FF7 Advent Chilren- Sephiroth and Cloud Battle
Underground Cave: Garuda’s stage from Street Fighter EX Plus Alpha
Desert Stage: I have to look it up
Ice Stage: Sandstorm Remix
Boss Stage#1: Matrix Revolutions: Mr. Smith and Neo LAST BATTLE
Circus Stage: Devil May Cry 2 Soundtrack Have to look up name
The Bridge: Devil May Cry 3 Soundtrack Have to look up name
Factory: Burly Brawl
Training Stage: Makoto 3rd Strike

No more burly brawl and sneak chamber please. and yea Champloo music is overrated imo.Good music to chill too. Not to triangle jump too

Here’s Mine Hope You Enjoy

Intro- Sin City Theme
AirShip - Nightshift from Samauri Champloo OST
Desert - Sneak Chamber from Samauri Champloo OST
Factory - Masta Ace- Born To Roll
Carnival - 69 Boyz - Tootsee Roll
Swamp - The A la Menthe- Nikkfurie Oceans 12 OST
Cave - Smack My Bitch Up
Clock Tower - Lock N Load
River - SandStorm
Abyss - Beat It- Micheal Jackson
Character Select- Steve Blackman WWF theme NightShift Steve Blackman WWF theme

If people will PM me with their tracks (mp3 or adx), I’ll make a SRK Marvel mix. Depending on how squished I make the audio tracks, I can get at least 6 and perhaps as many as 10 mixes on a single cd.

Awesome thread!

nice post gouki10 and merdoc

East coast got good taste =)

EDIT: how did you guys get the songs from street fighter games?