Recommend Me A PC Arcade Stick?

I want a decent arcade stick for SF, I don’t have any preferences.
Price range $60-$100

get a TE street fighter 4 stick for 100 bucks shipped when madcatz has a special promotion and call it a day. You can mod it later if you wish or go cheaper and the SE street fighter stick and same…mod later if you wish…or you can build your own or have one of many ppl who make stick in the trading oulet section. you will get mixed options on sticks all day long but ultimately you will have to experiment with each to find your liking or find one and mod it to your liking.

I’ve not bought from these guys, but they have the PS3 version of the TE for 99$

Sony PS3 Street Fighter IV FightStick Tournament Edition

Will a 360 TE or PS3 TE stick work on the PC? Each can connect by USB port.

If so, i say just buy a TE for whichever system, and use it on Pc.

To continue off what True Grave suggested.
PS3 one should work as a standard HID device for both Windows, Mac, and probably Linux computers.
Xbox ones will need drivers. Vista and Windows 7 will already have the xbox drivers, Windows XP will need the drivers downloaded or automatically installed. The triggers will be assigned on the same axis however, causing a problem in certain situations, most likely none in a fighting game however. Look up XBCD for fixes for that. Mac and Linux also have their own drivers for Xbox sticks.

And looking from the fact that OP has an Xbox gamertag. I suggest an Xbox controller. I use my TE stick to play Megaman 10 and N+, it’s awesome. :smiley:

depend on your motherboard chipset. ps3 te dont work on nforce motherboard

Get a 360 TE or SE and eliminate the potential for headaches.

but not every PC can read a TE though. HRAP3 is compatible with all PC’s and they run for like $100.

Te ftw!


thanks guys my mobo sucks so I’ll have to check around

I haven’t heard of any PC’s not recognizing a 360 TE or SE. Also to you’re going the HRAP3 route, make sure to go HRAP3 SA so you’ll have a stick equivalent to the TE.

As someone else mentioned, you have an Xbox Live gamertag in your profile so it’d be in your best interest to get a 360 stick, unless you have a PS3 also that you play on more. Now, if that’s the case I’d say go with an HRAP3 SA.

sorry i was talking about the PS3 one

Well I’m getting a 360 SF4 stick but I also want a PC one, I didn’t think it would be compatible with my PC.

HRAP3 is the best PC stick, no question.

HRAPs are better in some ways than a TE. For example durability: the casing on HRAPs are built like tanks, nothing but rugged hard plastic and metal.

Whereas TE cases are designed to look prettier, but not as tough, and i doubt they can take a hard drop without being dented and messed up looking afterwards.

It’s more because of HRAP3 having practically no issues on compatibility with any make of PC. No drivers required too.

Are you implying that the TE are made of some sort of soft, goopy plastic?
The only reason the HRAPs are more “durable” is because they’re made of one solid mold, as opposed to the TE.

The real answer to OPs question is a 360 stick, unless you want to dick around with drivers or know if your motherboard works with the PS3 controller. HRAP or TE, doesn’t really matter. SE if you’re on a strict budget and would like to but quality parts as you have the money.
<edit> I’ve tried a HRAP3 pcb hooked up to my netbook the_third, didn’t work. they’re still hit or miss.

LOL flip a coin Reptile. atleast now you have two choices now to pick from …^_^but seriously, either or will meet your needs. up to you to do some research and find what u like and dislike in your findings. good luck