Recommend me a stick :)


Hi guys, I’m looking to further my street fighter experience and purchase an arcade stick for Christmas. I’m looking for a stick that’s highly customizable, meaning I can change up the buttons, stick, and background image fairly easy. Soldering is as advanced as I’d like to go. I recently visited the “Check out my stick” thread here, and saw some pretty badass sticks. I’d like the same :slight_smile:

Price range is like…150-ish.



Te ftw! Xd


TE is customizable? I didn’t know that :slight_smile: I own a Saitek keyboard(for my computer obviously), so I know the build quality of Madcatz. When my space bar broke, they were nice enough to send me a new one for free, so props to them.

Oh, this stick is for my Xbox 360 if this makes a difference.


it’ll work on pc just fine


On the TE, how do you customize the “wallpaper” of the stick, like the background image? is it like printer paper? lol


Either by getting your artwork laminated and sticking it on top of it or grabbing a plexiglass top with artwork underneath it.


Making Your Stick Pretty: A Custom Stick Art Guide/Tutorial