Recommend me a stick

just doing a little research. I’m looking for something thats extremely accurate with a small throw.

any help will be appreciated.

Seimitsu LS-56-01

I know some people don’t like it but I like the sanwa jlw stick because it has those qualities that your looking for. Small throw distance and very accurate.

I found the LS-32 to be more accurate than the JLF because of the levered microswitches, and everyone says that the LS-56 has a way smalller throw than the LS-32. So, I’d try out the LS-56!

The JLW has levered switches too. Very accurate.

Thanks for the input, i’ll try the LS-56.

but the throw range appears to be no different to the other can someone confirm if this chart’s right or not?

yea or get what everyone else gets a jlf… cause its better

nah, it has to have a small throw and return to nuetral position instantly.

just wondering, where are you putting in & wot are you playing?

I’d dispute that figure - he has the same data for LS-56 and LS-40, but both of these have physically different attributes.

Dude, the only way to get around this issue is if you can playtest these various joysticks out first, then buy the one that suits your needs. Perhaps you have friends that will let you try out their modified sticks? Or an online store will let you return what you don’t like?

The LS-32, the LS-40, or the combination of the two. Also, I’ve heard good things about the Suzo 500 but have yet to try one out.

I’m primarily a super turbo player but I almost equally play Alpha2 as much… I also enjoy the occasional 3S and SF4 game.

I’m testing my new stick in my arcade in a box.

my personal experience would suggest a ls40 for a shorter engage but not too much force, or a ls56 if you like a little more resistance with just a tad more throw. the jlw is a great stick, but it’s not for everyone. it’s a short throw but a heavy engage.

I’m assuming the your AIAB already has a stick? If so, which one do you have right now? I think this might help get a baseline for what you might be looking for. I personally like playing with the JLFs for SF4 but admittedly have no experience with other Japanese or even Korean sticks. Everyone here that has something other than Happs have a JLF. On the other hand, old(er) school games like ST or A2, I prefer the Happ sticks. The Ultimate sticks have a “square gate” feel so you can sense the corners if that is your preference. The Competition sticks have a smoother feel but with enough playtime, your hand knows where the corners are. I’ve no hard data but in my opinion, the Happs have a smaller throw than the JLF does.

thats my preference, short throw with a sensitive heavy engage, or a light engage with a stiff spring.

happs are too wide for me and i prefer round gates.

i own no less than 9 suzo 500 which i obtained extremely cheap I love the throw, but the engage is far from sensitive or accurate,

ah i was going to suggest a happ comp, but otherwise why would you ask? lol

eczangief is making prototype LS-56 round gates for me you can try it out along with me. i pretty much want the same thing you want but round too for HD and 3S

here is where u can que

i think the circle is way too big personally in jlf with round gate, so i’m going to try a really small one.

I’m essentially looking for a stick with a equal throw and engage distance witn the smallest deadzone possible which returns as fast as possible to the neutral position.

LS-56 if you prefer high tension, LS-40 if you want medium tension. Both have extremely small deadzones, although the LS-40 throw feels a little shorter to me. Note that the Octo gate you can use on the LS-56 won’t work on the LS-40.

I’m more concerned about the throw than the engage. i always extend to the full throw. I need something tight and precise.

you mean the engage in the Ls40 is smaller, i thought the throw was the same.