Recommend me some Punk music

Im looking for stuff like Motion City Soundtrack or Plain White Ts.

you into the old stuff?

NOFX, Minor Threat, sex pistols, old blink 182 (Dude ranch specifically), Avail, Latter Man

bad religion - stranger than fiction
dropkick murphys - the gang’s all here
the distillers - coral fang/sing sing death house
flogging molly in genera is pretty cool
the offspring - smash

So your looking for poppy punk shit? If your looking for real punk, listen to these bands. The casualties, old afi shit, the exploited, the unseen, rancid, blood for blood, the devotchas and misfits. There’s tooooooooo many bands to name.

ok, if you are looking for some old school stuff, here are the must have albums:

bad religion - suffer, generator, 80-85, against the grain
the clash - london calling - MUST HAVE!!!
dead kennedys - in god we trust, fresh fruit for rotting vegetables, frankenchrist, bedtime for democracy, plastic surgery disasters, give me convenience or give me death
sex pistols - god save the queen

some otehr albums:
propagandhi - how to clean everything, less talk more rock
nofx - most albums
operation ivy - more ska/punk, but very good

and if you really wanna go poppy, try shonen knife, a japanese girl punk band…

wtf…no punk list is complete without Ramones… and Chopin… yeah he was punk as fuck… \m/

Yeah I was thinking the same thing. I second the Clash, Misfits are good no live stuff though terrible.

oh and the vandals…must have “live fast, diarrhea”

if were going old old then i gotta go w/ some misfits - static age

Well i do have a lot of the self called real stuff, but to answer your question, yes i am looking for the pop punk stuff. Sorry if its not up to par to your standards, but hey ill be the one listening. Im getting this soft spot for the pop punk stuff.

Thanks for the suggestion folks.

Tsunami Bomb is pop punk(which I personally think was a awesome band).

no potemkin city limits??? my fav one :frowning:


This has become the closing song every Friday at the Pub, I really should get it on video people show up just to sing

WHole wheat bread is pretty good to…The band I mean

The Misfits. Danzig is god.

i don’t think i ever listened to that one…after less talk, i didn’t like the followup albums…

less talk has my fave prop song, in fact one of my all itme fave punk songs - the state lottery.

Fuck Jerry Only.

Iggy Pop and the Stooges
Sex Pistols
The Ramones
The Slits
Siouxsie & the Banshees
The Damned
The Clash

Hmm… the only pop punk I can think of that I like is the Ramones… or maybe Green Day.

Oh I know so many punk bands but would you be willing to venture into other forms besides pop? I can name a good amount of pop punk but just checking so I can throw in some more for variety. I can name specific songs also if you would like.

I’ll post up later since I’m about to head out to work.