Recommend PS2 Arcade Stick for SF3

what arcade stick would you guys recommend for ps2,
need tyo practice parrying etc, are arcade sticks easier to use in SF3 than gamepads.
im thinking this :

Hori Fighting Stick 2, 50 euros.


Most people will say that stick sucks and to get this.

difference ? : advantages ; ?


Differences: HFS2 is utter shit. HRAP is not.

Advantages of HFS2: Nothing.
Advantages of HRAP: Not utter shit. Uses real arcade parts. Like the name suggests.

What about MAS sticks? Do they lag? Are the parts just like arcade?

if you got money for a mas you got money for a custom which imo is better thanks to hand built and different pcb that won’t have issues with converters

the best stock sticks = hrap if you like japs and mas if you like american but you can get a custom american for the same price of a custom

what about MAS sticks i heared that they are great

Plus you can mod the buttons in the HRAP with sanwas and replace worn out JLF’s, maybe even go seimitsu if you want to. That alone makes the HRAP the better stick, HRAP2 for its surface if you’ve got the money.

best sticks u can buy imo, a bit pricey, but not more expensive than most customs. and all top quality parts & u can customize it to a good degree.

Saad is that you?

And thanks for the site epsilon, i was just looking for a new stick.

Anyone know of PS2 -> XBOX converters? and PS2 -> DC converters?