Recommendation for a more compact stick?


What could people recommend for a stick that is easy to take about? My rolled steel case is not light and if rather not risk the paint.
The Qanba drone seems perfect although I believe I can’t customise the look of it at all…
Any recommendations?


Qanba carbon is pretty small, has a cable door, a metal top panel and a removable plexi panel (all things that other compact sticks like the drone and madcatz alpha lack). The tradeoff is no PS4 support, but I’d rather take it and just mod it than go with the other two examples I mentioned since I find the case to be much better overall. Also comes with desk clamps if you care about that.

Or just diy.


How compact are you talking about?

I mean, the Hori mini is super-compact, but you can’t fit in standard stick and buttons in there.

If you’re into modding the innards:
The smallest retail casing that still has room for standard parts that I can think of is the Exar Exaprize; especially if you get the USB Sanwa edition. Fits 30mm Sanwas fine (30mm Seimitsus are a little tight depending on the size of your QDs); in the stock config, a JLF fits, but at the wrong height; it’ll take some modding to place it at the proper height (never tried putting a Seimitsu lever in there).

If you’re going one step larger, I casings that I can recommend are:

  • Mad Catz SE/TvC/Brawlstick/KE
  • Hori Fighting Stick V3/VX


Thanks for the recommendations.
I really liked the Qanba drone but lack of art put me off, after seeing other options then running into a vinyl printing service I may experiment in wrapping it in printed vinyl to customise it.


I’ve got a Hori EX2 to mod, though I’m not looking forward to it