Recommendation on a Custom PS2 stick


I want to get my hands on a custom PS2 stick, been looking at Arcade in a Box and some other vendors but I’ve ultimately been unable to find anyone that can satisfy these requirements:

  • Sony PS2 compatible
  • Stick needs to be Happs “perfect 360” (few reputable places other than AIAB)
  • Convex Competition buttons
  • Reasonable distance between the stick and the buttons (like the Curve Wide setup at AIAB)
  • Custom artwork, again AIAB would be the preference here but they no longer will put copyrighted characters on the stick even if the art is yours

Does anyone have a trusted craftsman I can go to? The recommendation would be much appreciated, as much of the custom stick thread seems to be out of date.


This is not the correct forum to ask this in. Ask in the tech talk forum and you’ll get more feedback. i recommend these guys for happ stick though.

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Ah, okay, thank you for the heads up and link. :slight_smile: I’ll go post it there.