Recommendation on a Custom PS2 stick

I want to get my hands on a custom PS2 stick, been looking at Arcade in a Box and some other vendors but I’ve ultimately been unable to find anyone that can satisfy these requirements:

  • Sony PS2 compatible
  • Stick needs to be Happs “perfect 360” (few reputable places other than AIAB)
  • Convex Competition buttons
  • Reasonable distance between the stick and the buttons (like the Curve Wide setup at AIAB)
  • Custom artwork, again AIAB would be the preference here but they no longer will put copyrighted characters on the stick even if the art is yours

Does anyone have a trusted craftsman I can go to? The recommendation would be much appreciated, as much of the custom stick thread seems to be out of date.

I know you came here from Trading Outlet, but in the trading outlet they have a sticky for custom stick builders.