Recommendations for Analog digitizations for PS1 and N64 controller


2 questions regarding analog digitizations.

First Why I need it.

There are enough games I’ve encountered where you must use the analog stick to move the character, even though it might be more optimal with a digital controller.

One is metal Slug Anthology for the Wii, which requires a GameCube controller, and ONLY uses the analog stick, (unless you want to use weird combinations of a Wiimote, Nunchuk and motion controls. The GC is the most arcade-like way to play that game.) But the throw is awful.

Also you need L stick and R stick afor Super Smash Bros, and they might be good with a digital stick… except a speed modifier button to switch between runs and walks have been declared illegal by various Smash tournaments. It’s probably the only Fighting Game (in a uniquely-Nintendo, E10 sort of way) where you’re handicapped using a digital controller.

Also N64 has Lots of games that won’t work with the D-Pad.

First Matthew Gummo has a unique solution for analog digitizations. I don’t understand it completely. He says he can do it, but he doesn’t offer a price, or a paypal address or a mailing address to mail my PS1 Dual Shock 1 to. (He does Dual Shock 1s and not Dual Shoc 2s because he says it’s easier to deal with Digital Buttons than Analog ones.)

He never told me to stop pestering him, but it’s pretty clear that I might have to look for an alternative, and I don’t want to get to the point of angering him. I know he’s busy setting up on-site fight-stick ambulances at big tournaments. So he probably has little time to do it.

I’ve heard some fight boards have automatic LS/RS/DP/L3/R3 conversions. If that’s the case, it would probably be easier for any fight stick modder to deal with this pre-made item than it is for them to do the highly specialized work of Matthew Gummo.

If I have converters from PS1/2 to the following control standards: Dreamcast, Xbox Prime, GameCube, Xbox 360, Wii/Wii U classic, PS3, and Xbox One, and can acquire one for the Saturn from Raphnet, and for systems before the Saturn, use hand wired pad hacks or retro community solutions, and still need something with an 8th button and analog digitizations for the Switch, what would be the best option?

Now comes the toughest part, The Nintendo 64. I was considering buying a special analog Smash Stick made by a Smash stick company, but I was also considering the Raphnet GameCube-> N64 adapter. Which is better?

I know for Killer Instinct Gold and Mortal Kombat Trilogy, digital would be better, but how many other games would digital be better than analog? Those 2 games use a D-Pad; does any game get helped a lot with an analog digitization, or is that a useful feature?

Also, I know the Raphnet GC->N64 adapter is only tested to work from Game Cube to N64. I don’t know how well that works with fight boards or PS1 Dual Shock 1s wired to the analogs? Do they work either way?


Ben Heck here does a quick and dirty conversion of analog thumb stick input to something individual switches can use. If you go with individual tabbed switches instead of a 5 pin wiring harness for joysticks you be fine.


Ben Heck here does a quick and dirty conversion of analog thumb stick input to something individual switches can use. If you go with individual tabbed switches instead of a 5 pin wiring harness for joysticks you be fine.
Ben Heck Neo Geo Mini Portable Part 2

1: Didn’t the original Neo Geo MVS and AES use a Digital Joystick?

2: Are there some certain universal fight boards which incorporate analog digitizations… assuming you don’t need the d-pad, a LS and an RS at he same time? If so what would be the pros and cons of hiring someone to work on a PS1 and N64, vs using built in pre-made methods? And would the fact hat I have a lot of PS2-> other system adapter help me, and I can use those with a PS2 adapters, or should I buy the RJ-545 adapters? Also what of the Switch?


I assume with a PS2-> other system adapters for lots of systems, all I need is a PS2 board with analog digitizations, pad hacks for older systems, and possibly an 8-button Nintendo Switch hookup.

But the important thing I need is an DP/LS/RS switch so I don’t have to hire a custom wirer for analog digitizations, like Matthew Gummo or Ben Heck.

Also any solutions for the N64? Most universal fight boards don’t cover N64, and other than the 5200, is the most vital to have an analog digitization solution in terms of numbers of games.

By the way, I got an analog digitization solution for the Atari 5200 that I heard works: buy a digital 15-pin PC pad, which has the circuitry to convert to an analog input, and a Bohoki adapter from Atari Age.


The actual nintendo N64 controllers, those “analog” sticks arent true analog.
They use optical encoders and not potentiometers for the analog.


Would someone like Ben Heck or Mathew Gummo ,both of whom know how to digitize a PS1 analog, know how to digiittze the analog controller on an N64 for fight stick actuation, or is that a different process, requiring a different technique?

I would ask Matthew Gummo, but he’s too busy doing fight stick ambulatory at tournaments.

I tried emailing Ben Heck. It seems he’s usually inventing too many new things to do a conventional job for hire.

Also I heard the PS360+ and the Toodles Cthuhlu (sp?) boards both have LS/RS/L3/R3 compatibility using a special OS button/button combination for programming. I just need the PS2 connector to work with all my sticks, and it can work with PS3 and 360 natively as well. I heard these RJ45 systems also work with SNES, TG16, NES, and a couple other systems older than PS2, but not N64.

I guess I can write Toodles and see if (s)he is still in the fight board business for retro systems.


Toodles Cthuhlu does not support a LS/DP/RS Switch nor does it have R3 and L3 abilities.
You can force the stick into LS or DP Mode by holding Start or Select when plugging the stick in.

And Toodles is a HE.

Also the Toodles MC Cthuhlu is known to have issues in TG16 mode.


Thank Your DarkSakul.
I just wanted to see if there was a way to enter LS vs DP mode. I assume their separate modes, menaing it’s EITHER fight stick acutaing the DP or Fight Stick actuating the left stick.

My point is if I’m only willing to live wiith LS and DP, then a Toodles board would do it without hiring extra labor to manually actuate the DP and LS.

And I assume it carries over into all systems with a LS and DP, (or in the case of N64, Saturn and Dreamcast, only stick or d pad) if you use a proper working PS2-> whatever console adapter.

If that Is the case, I know what action to take next.

Any word on a Aki Shop PS360+ having both LS and DP function?

About toodles being a he, the name toodles doesn’t give away the gender of the owner. But I am smart to know your online post identity can be something different that your real world identity. I will not ask you or anyone’s gender, and not make blanket assumptions. But I do understand that in the web world, and in other stuff, if the first name/user name/appearance live doesn’t give away gender, you usually give the masculine pronoun when the gender isn’t an issue and isn’t revealed. But it’s really an implied (s)he.

The one alternative is to call a person by “it” , but that would be insulting, implying they are not a person.

Another alternative is to use the plural “they/them” and use surrounding word context to indicate a single person of unspecified gender, like my last sentence just did.

Finally I know OF the existence of “PC-Neo-Speak” pronouns they teach in universities. I couldn’t quote you them, because I never heard them in everyday conversation, but I know OF them.


By default the joystick does LS and DP at the same time on Toodle boards

As for Toodles, there no assumption, I called him a He as I know who HE is outside of Tech Talk.


DarkSakul, I know for YOU, there is no assumption on YOUR PART.

But I am a comparative newbie who know these people by username and what they say only.

I was talking about from MY perspective not yours.

There probably only one case where I want to know your gender and sexual orientation and therefore discriminate on that basis… If I want to date you and/or flirt with you.

Other than that, people are all people in some universal ways, yet every person is unique in other ways. It’s all about The All and The One working in harmony. One one sense no man is an island, but in another sense every man is an island unto themselves.

I have not been making flirting posts at anyone unless I either know them IRL (which is no one on SRK) or they made a very obvious case of showing themselves. SRK is not that type of site. :wink:


I just purchased an MC Chtulhu on Ebay, and found an SNES cable, but no PS1/2 cable or USB cable. Do you know a place that sells a PS2 and a USB cable?

Also would the USB cable work with the Toodles and RJ45 to USb and then something to get it to switch, becuase I see no PS2-> Switch adapters.

By the way I can do a PS2->GameCube->Switch via Wii U GameCube Port Adapter on the second step. The only problem is it’s a 7-button joystick. For Final Challengers, the 8th button might come in handy for having both 3P and 3K for Zangief and Blanka, and for easier supers. I can have ONLY either 3P or 3K, not both. Kind of annoying.