Recommendations for Import Fighting Games


My friend is going to Japan this week and in the past I have given him a list of japan only games to get me. In the past I’ve gotten Garou Mark of Wolves, Melty Blood, Last Blade 1&2 for the PS2 from him. I would love recommendations from this board of any fighting games I should get that aren’t available in the states. So far on my list I have,
Hokuto no Ken: Shinpan no S?s?sei Keng? Retsuden PS2
Sengoku Basara X PS2
Tatsunoko vs. Capcom Wii
Gundam vs. Gundam PSP

I might want Battle Fantasia for PS3 but I hear that might be coming out here pretty soon. I would love to hear other suggestions, even if they aren’t fighting games.


Darkstalkers collection


Fate Unlimited Codes PS2
The Rumble Fish PS2
Neogeo Battle Colliseum (JP version doesn’t lag on stages, but takes forever loading) PS2


Samurai Shodown VI


King of Fighters 02UM. It comes out this week.


Fist of the North Star


It’s that time for the standard monthly ‘what games do you have / recommend some fighting games for me / what are must have fighting games?’ thread again?


This ones special though, he has a friend who goes to japan.


I second this

Can’t fucking wait

Just waiting for my copy to ship


Get that Tatsu, though you need to soft-mod your Wii (simple)
Sengoku Basara X, I haven’t heard anything since it came out, nor have I played it.
Fate Unlimited Codes, one of the best 3D fighters.
KOF 02UM, will probably be SNK’s new game for the masses, it comes out Thursday.

Battle Fantasia is here, though I heard there were some gameplay tweaks.

Too sum it up, I would say TvC, 02UM, and FUC


Go play the Psychic Force Collection, Maximum Impact Reg A, Last Blade 1 & 2, Fu’Un Super Combo, ADK and Sunsoft Collections and tell 'em I sent ya. Have at it.