Recommendations for stick for PS3?

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Tournament Edition, bar none.

TE > T6 stick any day. The T6 stick doesn’t have arcade quality parts so stick with the TE.

te stick hands down

Actually, seeing as you have a 360 TE, just get someone to dual mod it with a Cthulhu.

T6 is bottom tier of arcade sticks, TE is top teir, shouldn’t even be a question

^ listen to this person

^better yet, listen to this person

I would think that if you own a TE stick for the 360 you should already realize how amazing the TE stick is. Dual modding would be an excellent idea in your case!

T6 stick isn’t even close to the quality of the TE. Solidus187 has the right idea, dual mod your 360 TE.

Was just about to say exactly this.

Modding your current TE to work on the PS3 would still cost less than getting ANY stand alone PS3 stick except for the Hori Fight Stick 3.

have you looked into the hori real arcade pro 2/3 ?

The user and all related content has been deleted.

What is your location? Somebody from this site might be able to do it for you.

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I got an se with Sanwa buttons and would like to dual mod also. Pretty easy?