Recommended 32" LCD TV For SSF4

Looking to purchase a new tv and I need it to be damn near lagless. Right now looking at getting a Panasonic Viera TC-L32X1 for $419 shipped @ BuyersEdge - Panasonic VIERA TC-L32X1 32" 720P Lcd TV - TC-L32X1, but I’m looking for other models near the same price range. Thanks. Samsung LN32C450 32-Inch 720p 60 Hz LCD HDTV (Black): Electronics

any lag tests on that tv?

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anyway, i want to build a vewlix clone, anyway i feel that the process is void unless there are proven low inputlag 32" sets out there. i mean has anyone found one? even if its digital signage? and are any a reasonable price?

I Bought a VIZIO VO32OE it was like 290 used on amazon and theres no lag whatsoever

cool, have u run it up vs crt or evo, or just feeling the no lag? im hoping to find some test ‘evidence’ or watever but appreciate there aint much around to go by

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How is he jacking your thread? What he posted and what everyone else posted was relevant to helping you

VIZIO TV’s are really good for the price depending on the model you get the 32’ seem to be the best vizio in my opinion it’s the one I haven’t heard of problems with yet, Friend has two of them.

I think this will be a great choice. I’m actually planning to use this one for my custom vewlix also. The only problem I can see is that the bottom of the LCD isn’t flat, so you might have to do use something to balance the screen inside the cabinet.

Here are some lag tests: (I think some people on this thread don’t understand what you mean by lag…)

^ nice info

yeah ive already seen the lag tests and the video cicada did on the tc-l32x1. i just hope that the site that has it listed really has it in stock and doesnt send me the wrong model.

I Bought a VIZIO VO32OE it was like 290 used on amazon and theres no lag whatsoever

Sony - BRAVIA 32" Class / 1080p / 60Hz / LCD HDTV - KDL32EX400

Best TV I’ve used under 52" EVER for gaming, liked it so much at my friends house I went out and bought the 120Hz version (no latency on the 60Hz I’m just a perfectionist and always get the best option I can).

I’m a huge fan of Sony and Samsung TVs. Pretty much any of their top of the line models for each size range have always been my favorites, although I tend to prefer Sony to Samsung.

120Hz version if you’re interested in that over the 60Hz (unfortunately $80 more):

Sony - BRAVIA 32" Class / 1080p / 120Hz / LCD HDTV - KDL32EX500

Vizios are terrible, do not buy one. A Viera is your best choice for gaming.

You must not have read the post above his about the vewlix cabinet. Anyways back on point anyone have any lag tests w/ the Sony? Last I read Sonys tend to lag, but I’ve read mix reviews on that Bravia

In another thread it was mentioned that the ex400 had ~40ms of lag. Not bad.
I have an older sony bravia and love it. KDL32L5000.

sony seems decent, but been reports of 2-3 frame lag input on it. going to be calling online retailers tomorrow to see if they have the panasonic tc-l32x1 in stock tomorrow. still open to other recommendations.

How about the tc-l32x-2? It seems to be the successor to the l32x-1. Any lag tests on that one?

Someone just tested it but he doesn’t feel like the results are correct. So waiting on further tests, but from what I read on avsforums the new panasonics dropped the ball compared to the previous models

Thanks for the suggestions.