Recommended anchor for spencer frank


Hi all, any good suggestions other than Dante and Vergil? Relatively new to marvel but liking the game lots.


Super Skrull was my first thought, but just keep playing around with characters until you find one that you like with those two.


Hmmz super skrull. Need to get to lab to test on it


I play Skrull/Frank/Spencer. In that order. Skrull makes for a good anchor as well but on point he can really make Frank a tremendous threat while receiving the benefits of Frank’s Shopping Cart assists for easy command grab setups, etc. Another character that I would recommend for a Spencer-Frank team is Nova.


Hmmz but wouldn’t strange be the best for nova spencer?

And if nova frank spencer what assist for spencer. The tilt up shot for nova raw tag or the str8 shot assit for frank double shot?


Amaterasu would be good - Spencer should love the lockdown from coldstar and if you can get the hit with frank, a THC nets 2 snapshots and an easy lvl 5 frank. Ammy is a challenging anchor to play but is considered powerful thanks to her slowdown super.


Is akuma on par with dante in the composition?


Akuma and Frank usually serve the same role on teams (horizontal assist). It can work as having both assists will let Spencer stay on offense all day, but after Spencer dies Akuma has no good way to level up frank as far as I know. Doom with plasma beam would be better if you want two horizontal assists, as doom can still help frank level up.

Here’s some frank teams that I personally like:



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