Recommended fighters to focus on


Primarily, I’m looking for a strong, active community.

I’m a big KOF 13 player - however, in the US the community is practically non-existent, and online is just as worse.

I hear that everyone is on Supercade and GGPO for online KOF play. I’ll hop onto that in due time.

Regarding the type of fighting game that I want to play, I play whatever. From Virtua Fighter to Street Fighter and everything in between, however, the focus on a strong community and great online netcode is key.

Games like Injustice and Tekken Tag 2 are going to be future top hits, but are people going to focus on those more than they do UMvC3 or SSF4AE as time goes on? Probably not, as Capcom is always solid on it’s hold on the fighting game market.

In the end, I’m going to play what I love, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I will go anywhere with it. I love KOF 13, but the community is practically non-existent online. Though I love KOF 13, in general, I love fighting games, hence why I am so open to any other fighting game out there that I can become a good player at.

Basically, I want to become a more competitive fighter, play online against other good, competitive people that can help me become a better player. Choose a fighter to focus on that will have a long lasting community to be able to play against.

If I was in Mexico or Korea, KOF 13 would be no problem. However, I live in the US, so maybe I have to have a more Capcom-focused look at how I approach fighting games and their communities.

Any recommendations?


Well, majority of fighting games here in the US have healthy communities and with decent net code. It all depends on which community fits you best. But since you’re asking us directly, I would personally recommend SSF4AE, UMvC3, TTT2 and PSASBR(?). Seems obvious, but these what I’ve just mentioned are the most active here (So far). Smaller communities such as BlazBlue, Guilty Gear, Persona 4 Arena and Skullgirls are also noteworthy to check out as well.

Good luck!


I don’t get threads like these.

If you want to enter tournaments and try to place Top 8 and get some money and do money matches or whatever. Just play AE, Marvel, or Tekken Tag.

If you don’t intend on entering tournaments than play whatever you want. I don’t get threads like these. Are you that aimless? Do you ask people on the internet what haircut you should have and what clothes you should wear?


It was a simple question. No reason to be so aggressive towards it.

Sure, maybe one day it would be nice to participate in tournaments like Evo and compete for money. However, baby steps. Become a more competitive player first, whether online or in my local community, and then proceed from there.

I would rather focus solely on KOF 13, but that’s not a very community driven fighter, so I was looking for something else to play and take baby steps in progressing to possible tournament level.

If you know any good people to play online against in KOF 13, do let me know then.


Play what you like, like what you play.