Recommended PSN downloadable titles

Hello I just bought a ps3 40gb today i have used the system before but before i open it i broke my bank today seriously i dont have any money now for any game (plan on getting mgs4, t5drOnline, CoD4, DMC4, SFIV etc etc) but i just want to know is there anything on the network worth downloading to hold me over till i get a game in like 2 weeks or so. If not id rather just keep it in the box. Let me know.

Super Stardust HD
Everyday Shooter

Oh, and since this isn’t an actual networking issue, I’m changing the title of your thread.

What are those titles like?

Also whats your PSN :slight_smile:

echochrome. I DL’ed it on PSP a long time ago when it was still only in Japan and liked it, that plus Fl0w is another good title, I dunno, I don’t have that much cash to spend so I’m looking for some good recommendations too.

sshd and everyday shooter are overhead shooters

echochrome is an m.c escher puzzle game.

pixel junk is a fun tower defense game, if you have a friend around co-op is hella fun

fl0w is all right, but I’d recommend trying it before buying it, as it’s… different. That, and the SixAxis controls are pretty bad.

find someone an trade them tekken 5 for some other psn titles

you can share psn downloads

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night - One of the best games I played in my life.
Twisted Metal 2 - This is 100% fun when you co-op with your friend.

Thanks guys i opened it and downloaded some games. I found out that i downloaded Tekken 5 DR way back in 2006 when i bought the ps3 way back when i was a store Manager at Gamestop. So i put that on there and about to get the version with practice mode. Then ill get MGS4, GT5 (with Logitech G25) SF2HD, SFIV, T6, DMC4, COD4, and a few others. :slight_smile:

I just looked over the trailer for SSHD. I’ll probably buy it tomorrow. Question, has anyone bought Rampage? game is fun but only if they have an online mode for it. Lol Anyone know if they do and how good it is?

Calling all cars is a pretty fun game, I just played it WAY too much though

played the demo for pixle junk monsters last night it was fun ima buy it :stuck_out_tongue: pretty addicting dude

Get Bionic Commando Rearmed. You get tremendous value for $10.

I downloaded Warhawk the other day…really fun game. I only played one ranked game while my other sessions were non-ranked. I’m still trying to get good at the game so I can tackle the ranked games more.

I agree bcr is probably one of the best downloadable games on any console. I got all the medals except one. Sick game and yes I finally beat it on super hard.

Id have to agree Bionic COmmando is the TRUTH!

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bionic commando rearmed

The Last Guy is pretty fucking awesome.

i need that game

PixelJunk Eden

Overall Best: Bionic Commando Rearmed

Shooter: Super Stardust HD

Puzzle: Echochrome, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, Piyotama

Stupid Fun: PAIN, The Last Guy