Recommended PSN downloadable titles

I really need to Try Pain myself. Keep them coming guys!

I’d recommend Pixeljunk Eden, Everyday Shooter, and Super Puzzle Fighter HD. If you want to go overboard, you could make a japanese PSN account and buy Bloody Roar [PS1].

Isn’t Street Fighter Alpha on PSN? How is it?

just a ps1 port.dont bother dling it real shit lol. game is bad

WHO is getting WIPEOUT HD later this week that shit is coming and i CANT WAIT omfg i love some wipeout so much and 8 players online? hell yes

Wipeout HD definitely recommended good buy amazing game

Too bad that you can’t buy any Japanese games if you live in Europe (I don’t know about Americans). You’ve got to get some kinda “credit card” that is worth an amount of Yen to be able to buy those titles.

The Japanese store even got some KOF 9x title avaiable.
Like I would care Europe PSN has got
Crash Bandicoot!!!111111… Horrible.