Recommended settings for evo monitor + vga on 360


What would reduce input lag the most? Currently using 720p.


Evo monitor is one of the better choice for the price, there are better professional monitors but you could buy a car with that the screen is worth.

If your monitor is set for 720p, make sure your console also is set to 720p and not 1080 or 480. VGA is not a bad choice, its a analog format but a HD TV take accept the input naively. VGA also bypasses some image post processing.
Honestly VGA, Component video or HDMI would work fine. Yes I do realize the Evo monitor does not do component.

Don’t confuse component video (3 plugs, green blue and magenta) for composite video (1 yellow plug).

Keep the tint, contrast and other setting on default.


well I heard the vga cable doesn’t do 1080 but just upscales 720. same with the monitor, and yeah I got the screen for $100.


I would use what is tournament standard, so “lagless” flatscreen + HDMI cable!
Always set the xbox output (GPU fast processing) to the native resolution of your monitor, so for the Asus its 1080p and set the monitor to “game mode” if possible.


VGA would be fine and supports 1080p


VGA specs does support 1080p. The Xbox 360 it self has a limit on the software for max resolution on component to 720p.
VGA and HDMI to DVI still does 1080p.

Set your console’s resolution to match your monitor.

If your monitor is 1080p set your Xbox 360 to 1080p.

PC monitors DO NOT have a game mode. Game Mode is only for HDTVs. Yes there is a difference.

PC Monitors DO NOT have a TV Tunner, so it can not get off-the-air or Cable TV signals. PC Monitors often lack component and composite video as well.
Game Mode is a option to turn off or bypass SOME image post processing.
PC Monitors have almost no Image post processing other than scaling and deinterlaction. If you have your console set to the native resolution of the Monitor there no Scaling, and setting the resolution to progressive scan the “P” at the end of the resolution skips deinterlation.