Recommended Training Regimen?



I know I’m supposed to be learning Karin’ bread n’ butter combo (c.MP, s.MP, lk Tenko, lk Mujinkyaku), and I’m practicing it whenever I’m waiting for matches, but is there anything else I should be training?

My execution is pretty bad at the moment, so I mostly rely on my positioning and anti-air to win my games. It’s possible that Karin just isn’t for me (I played Ibuki a lot in SF4 because her basic combo was so easy to pull off), but I’d like to be thorough before I move on.


c.Mp > c.Mk > Instant Tenko > Wherever you want.
It’s more difficult to link c.Mk with Instant Tenko, however is more useful. Most of the times you will note be able to hit with s.MP after c.Mp.

You also can train links with V-Trigger. For example sHk/sHP > V-Trigger > sHP > Gurren Ken > CA
If you find this, too easy. You can go with sHk/sHP > V-Trigger > sHP > Instant Tenko > Gurren Ken (down+P follow up) > CA


I need training regimen against cross ups, and quick jump ins. It seems, I’m not quick enough to react to it.


There isn’t much of a regimen when it comes to that. Just record certain jumpins with the dummy. The trick is to record different timings, different motions before the jumpin. Record all 5 slots, then activate them all on playback, that way, you will get some really random behavior that will keep you on your toes. Practice this daily, and your AA game should improve. The thing about AA is that it’s really easy to do when you expect it, so another thing you need to work on is keeping an eye out for it in-match. The moment you stop thinking that the opponent is going to jump in on you, that’s when they will.


does anyone think it would yield more consistent results to look at the problem as “try to train yourself to be aware (consciously/unconsciously) of all times the opponent is capable of jumping” rather than "simply reacting to a jump in with a proper response?


The best is a combination of both.


Hi, what’s instant tenko?


Instant Tenko / Just frame tenko is when you cancel seppo into tenko at the earliest possible timing. This gives you a special version of tenko that does more damage and launches the opponent higher.


I usually do 30min on combos, 30min on anti-airs, and probably another 30 on stuff I need to work on, like air resets. Is there something I’m missing?


Hit confirm St. HP > Tenko if hits, St.HP > Orochi if doesn’t