Recommended Video Card for SFV & any word on the crossplay in the beta?


I looked up the system requirements for SFV, and it said the recommended video card is a Nvidia GTX 960,
my question is, how can I tell which video cards are equivalent or greater to the GTX 960 ?

Also, did Capcom ever enable cross play between PC and PS4 like they said they would in the 2nd Beta ?
If so, how was it ?

Yes the betas have been crossplay.
Google “video cards equivalent to gtx 960” will find you a lot of different suggestions.

I run the game fine with a cheap-ass video card (GTX 750 Ti) and a mid-range processor (i5-4440) at 1080p with medium graphics settings.
Can’t complain. Was much cheaper than getting a PS4 and having to pay extra for internet access that I already have.

If you like high settings and the eye candy:

GTX950 or higher 960 preferred

R7 370 or higher this is a little slower than the GTX950
(PS4 is essentially a little older version of this AMD card-R7 265)

Quad core 3.0GHZ CPU or higher - I’ve heard some problems below this spec.

This is for 1080p

wow thanks,

i was about to ask, what do i need to match ps4 quality

thanks again guys

I run everything maxed with a GTX 760, 2 gigs of vram.

I have a ati radeon 5670 card that i bought for sfiv back in the day,
i ran “can you run it”, and everything checks out except for the video ram, i only have 512mb,

do you guys think my video card can run the game at min settings ? or no

i mean i’ve been meaning to get a new one anyway, i lost the full bracket in a move, and i even contacted ATI personally to get a new one, i gave them the model and serial and everything, they ended up sending me a slim profile bracket instead. so the video card is kinda hanging on by one screw right now.

If you want to compare graphics cards just go here. It provides a hierarchy so you can see how far up or down you are from the recommended Nvidia GTX 960

No, your Vram will make the game unplayable. Get 2 gigs at least for your next video card.