Recording arcade live, what's the best camcorder?

Your going to have to bear with me because I have zero knowledge on this subject. I’m currently in Japan and i wanted to start recording some matches at the arcades in Shibuya and whatnot. However, whenever I go on youtube or dailymotion and check out live recorded matches the quality is always god awful.

I’m just wondering that if I bought a video camera if there was a specific, erm… “thing” to look for when it comes to recording an HD (or non-HD) screen. I kind of wish I could be more specific, but I’ve really never messed around with taking video before. Well, here…

The afore mentioned poor quality videos that can be found all over the place normally have a lot of glare or are fuzzy around the edges. I don’t want that. I imagine theres some kind of filter that allows for better recording of on screen visuals or something along those lines…

I’m not really on a budget or anything, but I obviously don’t want to waste money for un-needed features. Preferably I’d like something that’s not too bulky either.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

If your using a camcorder make sure you can change the shutter speed or you will get scanlines on the monitors.

The best way is to record directly off the video feed and not use a camera at all.

There’s capture cards and HD cameras. Honestly I’d go with a HD camera.