Recording fight videos

hey everyone, im wondering which is the best way to record fights in order to post them on the web. My current method is filming replays from the tv screen with a camera, i have to borrow. Quality is messed up.Does anyone have specific tips how to optimize this. e.g. a certain camera model that delivers good quality.

I asked this recently and was pointed to this (haven’t bought yet) video (segment starts at 15m 50secs):


yea i know about this thing but 200 bucks is just to much for me to spend.I remember a good while ago someone posted a vid that he had recorded with his cell phone (dont remember which type) and the quality was amazing. this is where im at right know
not too bad but i’d like to make it a lil better.

Streaming and Recording Guide

That’s a great thread for streaming, but not everyone has (or is willing to spend) the money.

A really simple way to improve your ghetto camera capture technique is to use a tripod (or some sort of stabilizing method). If taking camera shake out of the equation does wonders for a lot of things. (i.e. DevilJin01’s videos:)


A cheap solution for capturing replays (not for streaming or live recording) is the $10 EasyCap and some adapters. You’ll need an s-video cable and a separate audio cable for best results. (i.e. my videos:)


hey that easycap is exactly what i was looking for.Great quality sound and picture.Just need to figure out how to set it up but that shouldnt be a problem. thx alot