Recording gameplay via a DVD Recorder?


I’m wondering, is such a thing possible, or worthwhile? Most of my consoles are currently in a different room from my PC, so I cannot capture video directly. If I could potentially record gameplay to a DVD, and then later take the DVD and copy the video to my PC, that would be ideal.

If a DVD recorder setup is do-able, does anyone have any suggestions for specific models to look for that are cost-effective? I’d prefer to keep the cost under about $150 if possible



not sure if this helps, but there are some devices that connect to network and stream, so no need to use cable from device to PC.
Check Hava HD Platinum (no HD recording though) good luick


Yes, recording with a DVD recorder can be done. Here’s a sample that i did: [media=youtube]JDnG2o9cqqk"[/media]

I went into the dvd recorder using composite connection and then from dvd recorder to tv with scart cable without any noticable lag. Records to dvd using mpeg format (vob). Only problem is, if you upload the vobs (mpegs) directly to youtube the audio seems to go out of sync slightly. Best bet is to convert the mpeg first and then upload.


Ah, that’s good to see AnimaX

I’m not too worried about having to convert before uploading, I had to do that with the old setup I used to record via a gamebridge anyway.

My only real concerns are price, how fast the DVDs fill up (Are there DVD recorders that can record to DVD-RWs?), and potential input lag, which as you just said is probably very minor or almost nonexistent.

Recommendations would be really appreciated if anyone has any


Well, my phillips dvd recorder can record to DVD-RW so i can reuse the same disk after upload. As for lag, if you split the video before going into the dvd player then there shouldn’t be any lag resulting from the dvd recording (there may be lag from a poor quality video splitter though?)