Recording Games on the "Evo" Asus TV

I’ve been asking about this for a while in an older thread about recording games but I seem to have hit a road block. I have the ASUS “Evo” Tv located here: I figure that a specific thread for this will be useful to many who picked up the TV.

The problem with the monitor (it’s actually not a TV as most know) is that it doesn’t have component inputs. Most recording devices accept the output from your PS3’s component cables and then offer their own output which you then hook back up to your TV. This allows you to both play and record at the same time.

However, the ASUS TV doesn’t have component inputs. It has HDMI, DVI, and VGA only. So once you run your PS3’s component output through your capture device (Hava, Hauppauge, etc) you apparently can’t hook it up to your TV.

I am wondering if anyone can suggest a solution to this. I want to record SFIV matches and play in HD. I don’t care about the quality of the match recordings as long as they have a good frame rate.(SD is perfectly fine) and there is no lag while playing.

I have looked at component to dvi converters. These converters only accept the video part of the component cables (Red, Green, Blue) so even if this worked, it looks like I will be missing audio, which is not acceptable for me.

Perhaps I am missing something here. Maybe some sort of cable splitting solution would work, but I don’t have any ideas. (Not very familiar with cables.) Can anybody offer suggestions or their own solutions?


If your recording device has HDMI input (and there is no lag between PS3 HDMI and the monitor which, I assume, is true) then you should be able to use an HDMI splitter rather than passthrough.

Alternately, you could use a component splitter and a VGA/Component cable (assuming that monitor supports it, which I think it does, given that it says “Analog In” on the specs.)

Splitting audio should be similarly simple, especially if you’re using RCA stereo audio. Optical/SPDIF would be a little tougher or maybe just require a more expensive splitter.

Your going to have to run sfiv through vga. I bought an hdbox pro that inputs component and outputs it to vga. So you just need a component splitter to record the vid in hd. Here’s the link to the site that sells the box.

What’s nice about this vga box is that it upscales the native resolution to whatever resolution the monitor can handle. It even does those funky resolutions like 1440x900, 1680x1050, etc.

This was very helpful. Thanks.

I may be wrong but I don’t think you can split the PS3’s HDMI signal as it’s HDCP encrypted. As for using a component splitter, I’ve continuously read that splitting will degrade the quality. Some reviews I’ve read highly recommend against splitting an HD signal.

I’m in a similar boat. I’m wondering how to simultaneously play on the Evo monitor, record and split to a projector. Problem is that my xbox 360 doesn’t have HDMI output, Evo monitor doesn’t have component in, and should I use a PS3, you can’t split the HDMI signal.

I haven’t tried with a splitter box, but with a splitter cable, the component signal is degrade quite a bit. You’ll immediately be able to tell the difference. It’s grainy, colors are off, and dim.

FYI - The official EVO monitor was the Asus VH236H, and not the VW246H

I just ordered an ASUS 25.5" monitor. it has HDMI and component. GLEE

It makes me happy to see one was used at EVO with such success. helps me believe asus has good panels in their monitors.

A little self promotion here but we (the EFL - Colorado gaming community) were the ones who started using the monitors at our tourneys and suggested them for use at EVO.

Glad to see that everything is working nicely :wgrin:

FYI, these don’t work. Believe me I’ve tried. The problem is that ‘component’ cables take two formats of input, RGB (which is what VGA uses) and YUV (which is really what component refers to. Upon trying one of these converters for PS3 all I get is a blank screen because my monitors VGA port doesn’t take YUV.

Furthermore, the only way to record a hdmi signal is through a hdfury, to strip the hdcp, then you’d have to record from VGA/DVI with seperate audio input.

dav3yb: I’m getting that monitor for that exact reason. :slight_smile:

This thread should help people a little bit.

I too was looking at the 25.5" monitors with component input. Have they been confirmed to have minimal lag or equivalence to the official evo monitors? I’ve been unable to find numbers.

Thanks for the info, Zanken. All this BS is why I hate HDMI and HDCP generally. They can’t just make it easy.

So which ones are better? 23" 24" 25" ?

Until proven otherwise I’m going to say they are virtually identical, having messed with the 23 inch and owning the 24inch one.

Cool thanks. I may buy one :stuck_out_tongue:

Commander, did you ever have any luck using Tetsuo’s method? I’m looking into recording matches and don’t mind capturing SD (as long as I can play in HD) but can’t seemt to get my head around the problem either…

@fallingedge: How did you guys come about choosing these monitors and how did you test them? There are other asus brand monitors of different sizes that share the same specs, so will they have the same level of low lag?

sorry if this is a dumb question but i have a hauppauge unit and the evo monitor without the component inputs.
Will this work:

PS3 -> hauppauge via component
hauppauge to Asus VH226 using component to HDMI cable

Should work no?

If you check out this thread, you’ll find posts of people who have hooked up their TV to a CRT and a LCD at the same time and who took pictures with a camera while having a stop-watch running on the screens. One could see that often, the LCD would lag behind the CRT. The smaller the difference between the two (the goal being no difference at all, if possible), the better. I know the thread is very long, but there’s definitely good information in there. (There’s a also a different testing method, using Guitar Hero)

There was also a thread started by the Evo organisers in which they specifically asked for such test results with different screens. I can’t find that thread any more, but it was good as well, as several people posted test results for different screens.

The Asus VH236H was shown to have very little lag and that’s why it was chosen for the EFL and Evo (and other tournaments as well).
A lot of posts are made by people who say “I feel no lag, feels perfectly fine for me”, but that doesn’t mean much. As long as it hasn’t been tested with one of the methods like the timecode test or the GH test, I wouldn’t believe it.

To your second question: There are indeed other Asus monitors who share the same specs as the VH236H (like the VW246H). But the only reliable way of telling whether they are as good as the VH236H is by testing it. I guess one could assume that, as it’s the same brand and has the same specs, it should be the same, but personally, as I said, if it hasn’t been tested, I’m not gonna rely on it, because we’re talking about a 200 $ investment here. :slight_smile:
Besides, the VH236H is a 23.6" screen and the VW246H is a 24" screen. So we’re talking about a 0.4" size difference here. For that little difference, I’d rather go with the VH236H. (even though the VW246H has the advantage of being able to adjust its height, but that’s not too important to me)
But who knows, maybe somewhere somebody tested the VW246H and then we could tell for sure how good it is.

Edit: I have to admit, I might be wrong on that 23.6" size. It might just be 23".

I’m interested in recording games/labwork from my 360+Asus setup. My 360 is the old model, the one with no HDMI. Currently, my 360 is hooked up to my Asus via VGA cable.

What sort of chain could I create in order to play and record at the same time, without introducing latency into the mix?

Any advice would be appreciated.