Recording games on xbox 360

I’ve seen a few tutorials regarding this. All of them seem to require a computer connected to a device (cabled) then the device to the 360.

I don’t really want to put a computer where my TV is. Is there one single device that can go between the TV and 360 that can record in HD. Then either using a wireless device extrat the data to my pc in my office?

Yeah it might cost more but i’m ok with shelling out an extra 100-200 to have 1 device to make it easier.

A capture card.

Everything i see about a capture card tells me it has to be plugged into a PC via usb or other connection.

This isn’t what i want to do. Could you be more specific like link of the capture card you’re referring to that doesn’t need a PC connection during the recording?

It doesn’t capture video (you might be able to use a 3rd party program) but at least for displaying HD consoles on your PC monitor you could use this really good for the price imo

I misread your original post… You don’t want to have your PC where your system is?

I’m not really sure what you can do at that point. I guess pick up an HD DVR.

ok so HD DVR. Any suggestions?

and yeah i have an office with my comp stuff in there, then in my living room is my TV.