Recording in MAME online?


I use both Supraclient and P2P, latest versions.
I was wondering how to record online with MAME. I posted this in the begginers guide to mame thread but received no response, and also the supraclient thread, but received no response (weeks later):

How do you record movies online in Kaillera with mame 0.117 playing 3s? I read that you press Ctrl-Shift, but I am not sure when to press it, of if this is still correct, as it was for an older version of mame.

I take it that it records the file as an inf or inp and then you use the play to avi function to turn it into an AVI, correct?

I receive an error when trying to record a game on P2P. Can only the host record? I’ve never hosted, so that was my only guess. It’s always an error pointing to some directory, saying something about the .inf not working. I can’t quite recall it and it’s difficult to replicate considering I have to have someone actually play me in p2p. Maybe some of you have had similar errors. (Yeah, I know similar questions have been asked before but I couldn’t find any info pertinent to my case after reading the threads listed above and doing a search. )


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Well, just an update on my difficulties and progress so far:
I started playing games offline to test.
In the kalliera client options, I clicked the options for
Kaillera Record Input
Local Record Input

the option “Sending Speed for Save File” is selected as “2 times;” this sounds relevant, and is set at the default “2 times”

I played a game and got an .inp file sf3iiin_n00.inf. It was 238kb (very short test, in the past hey have been much larger)
I go to File -> Replay(inp) to Avi Record… and played the filed, using default settings.
As soon as the Capcom logo appeared, I pressed my “Record AVI” movie button, which I have set for Z for 3s. A dialog said “REC START” MAME replayed my inputs. Everything slows down dramatically, but that could be expected because it is processing an AVI file, supposedly. I pressed the button again to stop recording “Rec End (or something similar)” appeared.
I go to the avi file directory and my avi file is only 116 bytes. This is the fourth time this has happened. It seems I am doing something wrong here. Any suggestions?


Use Fraps.


I could use fraps, but I understand that AVI record makes sure that each frame is recorded so that your inp-to-avi appears exactly as you played it online, minus the lag spikes (I believe).