Recording matches


Right I’m not sure if this is in the correct forum and I did look around but couldn’t find anything.
So I apologize in advance if this is in the wrong place.

I remember reading an article either on here or eventhubs on an easy way of recording matches but can’t actually remember how to do it and my knowledge on camcorders is just…urgh.

Is there actually a way of getting matches recorded in good quality using a PS3 + Camcorder.
If so, how do I do it? I made the assumption that you can line it up, connect to TV and it’ll record. But this is probably me living in the dark ages when you could do this with VHS players XD.

So, help please? Would really appreciate it.


Well, it does belong in the Tech Talk section, but let me see what I can do…
If you’re using a camcorder, it’s kind of simple. Point, aim, start recording. Use a tripod if you need to. You can’t connect it to a TV and record like a VCR.
Now, does it have memory stored in it? If so you can transfer it to a computer considering the camcorder will usually come with a cable that will connect from your camcorder to the USB port on your computer. Then use a video editing software program, like Windows Movie Maker or Sony Vegas Pro. Also most camcorders will have high definition settings, but you need to check your manual for that.

Hope that helps. And check the Tech Talk section if I missed anything.


It does help. Thanks. Reason I didn’t put it in tech talk because all they seemed to have was sections on Arcade sticks so I didn’t really want to get yelled at in case XD


You guys should be asking Preppy if you want to be recording matches like a champ.


If you got a composite splitter, use that and get a capturing deice like Dazzle or EasyCap. These devices are basically an adaptor from composite to USB. use the splitter to get video signal to a TV and your computer using that capture device.

The device should come with software, record on that while you play on TV. I have an Easycap. It’s not the greatest quality out there, or maybe my computer just sucks (so Im forced to use lower quality settings for smoother recording).

everything is easy from there, raw video fil, do whatever editing you wish, upload on youtube :slight_smile:


I think I’m willing to give this a try. It’s not even for youtube that I want to record them (though I will end up putting them there knowing me.) I actually learn better by watching. If I’m watching where I go wrong in games and go “Oh…wait…I can do that around that.” it helps since I find it better if people are also pointing out where I fuck up without me having to describe it.