recording sean

Man listen. I really really need a program to record me playing on kailera to show me dominating with sean i just need somebody to tell me a program that i can record and that wont slow the game down even if i record. My pc is perfect, i just dont understand why evry program i use it slows the shit down.

I know that maybe shoudlnt go there sorry if not but i just need a prog to show some sean gameplay thanks alot peace


Man we listnin yo.



yo that shit works perfectly thanks man!!

Are you gonna post it? you will be considered full of shit if you don’t…

i swear…i have finished recording 2 videos yesterday with camtasia…1 of em is just 4 minutes but i forgot to record with sound. the second is 18 minutes with sound wich sows me killing a player in kailera just owning with sean. its all in the other computer. but yesterday i tried to convert to mpeg…omg it took 3 hours just to do like 5 percent… so i since i had to leave i had to shut it down. i will leave it day long tomorow or after.

dont worry i promise it will be up and i will post it on this tread.

arc man…since u may be familiar with camtasia why does it take so much time to convert.

lol good shit.

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I think someone has failed to deliver

i never said today…the camtasia files are here. and the pc is at the office ( yes ive been playing in the office ) when i get to the office i will convert…i said ill promise ill put it up.i always keep my promise…unless if i die before i do…wich happend once

I was just playin’

Isn’t the OP the same guy would made a thread somewhere saying Ohnuki can’t play street fighter?

Yeah… I’m not expecting much.

part 1

part 2


Great job beasting with Sean and all, but I hate to tell you it looks like the people you were playing were pretty terrible, so its hard to really determine how good you are.

i understand what you mean. to tell you…these matchs i played wasnt easy. im just showing how good i can be with sean. i got more vids to put up :wgrin:

I feel like you just gave me AIDS over the internet.

atrocious gameplay on both ends…wow.

please do not put up further vids.

lol haters