Recording seann

I uploaded 4 vids of me fighting Nica ko, the best player ive ever played in kaillera so far hes not as shitty as the other ones so dont start saying im uploading me vs noob vids

just looking for some advice on my gameplay so i can play better or comments, if you just think i suck well dont post anything i dont need to know i suck neither that im good just need some advice on my gameplay or comments

Stop playing online. You’ll develop bad habits that will get you killed in a real match. As a simple example, random hopkicks will ALWAYS be parried offline. Pick Hadou Burst and learn to hitconfirm. Medium and heavy Tornado Kicks can be punished EVEN IF THEY HIT.

That’s about as nice as I can be about it. Seriously, drop Kaillera and pick up a PS2.

By the way, you are in violation of SRK’s rules.

“10. Do not re-post a thread that has been closed or deleted. The mod had their reasons for closing or deleting the thread so do NOT go and make another one. And do NOT make a thread cursing out the mod that closed your thread. If you want to know why a thread was closed then PM a mod and ASK. On a side-note, if you do decide to PM a mod and ask, then ask NICELY. Sending a PM like this: ?Why?d you close my damn thread! You B****!! F*** YOU!? is the best way to be banned immediately.”

I suggest you delete this thread immediately.

Pick Oro …?